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English Stories: UFOs

Publicat el 19 de maig de 2013 per aniol

I was walking along a country road when suddenly appeared such a bright light that blinded me. The only thing I could see was a big UFO. Then I lost conscience.

When I woke up I was lying in a white bed. All my body was covered by cables. There were a lot of ‘people’ around me, reading papers, consulting graphics, manipulating strange things that I’d never seen before. These people were androgens, I didn’t know if ‘they’ were men or women.

One of these people talked to me in perfect Catalan language: ‘Hello, we are Seugerbafla’. ‘Extraterrestrials?’ I asked. ‘Exactly’, Seugerbafla answered.

They told me that I was receiving a medical check and they were ‘repairing’ all my imperfections: my sight, my audition, etc. They explained that in a few seconds I was going to receive a type of electroshock. And in effect suddenly I received a big shock in all my body that turned me unconscious again.

When I woke up the second time, another ‘person’ was talking to me not in Catalan but I understood all that he/she said. The second Seugerbafla told me that he/she was speaking ‘adrev’, Seugerbafla language. The androgen explained to me that they had ‘installed’ inside me a type of chip which allowed me to talk all the languages of the world. It said: ‘From now on, you become an immortal person, an immune person to all diseases and you’re going to work for us on Earth. You are our Earth spy. The only thing you must do is live.’  

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