Notices from nowhere

Democracy now finds there can be ample for all, but only if the souvereing fences are completely removed.

Umbracles energètics.

We are inside an artificial environment, which serves for a general urban infrastructure system, and creates a suburban area to attract people. We are going to create a new urban centre, a pleasant area to enjoy. We will transform the old memory into a new contemporary architectural-sculptural feature. A new landmark for this borough.


This proposal totally abides to the Draft Master Plan.

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It intends to become a great attraction for New York’s citizens, mainly from the surrounding neighborhoods. That is to compensate them for so many years of unpleasant presence of garbage and waste. We want to use haphazard features made for ages, but improving them. This proposal starts to take together all base points for several sports, staying, hiking, etc…


The shade-paths need property fields but now there aren’t. There is erosion inside earth and soils are filled with emerging iron, glass, concrete, aluminum,… brought time ago scored to demolitions. These materials are very toxic for wildlife and humans. Our intervention claims to recover environment. That area is a pilot paradigm to make extensive to the rest of the park.


So we need to consolidate existing paths that connect the various milestones in the site, focusing on those paths of communication, and also consolidating all those areas no man’s land. What we want is to find a solution to the ground problems.


The intervention is achieved on paths through sculptural and architectural elements, and on large areas of the fields by providing vegetation to consolidate these lands.


The intervention in large areas is done through mineralization and contribution of insects, worms,…because they nitrify the land, facilitating bushes to grow, and in the process creating a thicker outer layer than now exists, to prevent cracking and the occurrence of waste material.





Three covered paths. A basic module repeated like church naves. An arch wooden structure that meanders across the landscape providing shade and upon which photovoltaic panels are oriented towards the sun paths. Above the three arches – one big and two minor – are placed the membrane of amorphous glass to harvesting photovoltaic energy. These structures provide a shadow path to lead people. This path provides a leisure area too.


To design this modular element, the objective is to create an organic element, without straight lines, to integrate the structure in an organic environment, and apply vegetation inside the structure.


This modular structure formed by wooden catenary arches provides an inner space for the transit of people, who can walk over a passageway reinforced by macadam soil and create a space around the steps. Sequences are produced alternately light and shade. These shadows are generated by solar collection panels of the structure, while at its highest point staying a wind turbine includes the wind power generation.


These arches are supported by irregulars elements that adapt to irregular terrain using lightweight concrete blocks of low density to avoid prejudicing their weight ground resistance. Serve to support large structures, spread the load over a large area, they stay in power converters and serve as a foundation. With this foundation floating marks the boundary between the vegetation and paths.


This is the vision with natural light. At night, expect night vision to strengthen the vision. For this purpose we create fiberglass light lines around the modular structures to emphasize the art intervention.


The transfer between wood bows is made by steel hinges which collect the wooden arches that serve to anchor to the foundation.


When we need to choose the materials, we decided to use primarily wood to be used with all requirements to ensure protection of the environment.


Each on buildings itself runs on forward dragging items in an orderly pattern. We are reversing the general concept by sending the spaces of public space. These paths create order on top plateau. They are sprawl down to fold all area on we will intervene.





This is a method to enlighten at night. By their treatment of parallel lines of rough cut fields run outside on way paths.


Lines break up further on in a stretch of grass and sand striped with regular lines marking even curves of levels, a little too geometrically, a channel scored into the blocks is filled with stringy shiny whit fiberglass. At the starts and ends, fibers woven and rise up in a leaning attitude, a loose mat of grass. Facing this configuration, a both lines run on split up according to level curves like a creek. A few zigzags of polished the base of stones by straight line of fiber glass, which is not contained this time but naked and fragile, laid out on the sand. Nonetheless, the fiber glass line stops just before the flat beach and rises up in a second mast. Impression –night: the landscape is black, the ground dark, and the ribbons of optical fiber look like streams of sparkling water falling from mast-tops to the ground to break up in successive lines. The several colors of ground exchange by theses of modifies of fiber glass produced for variation of intensity. This nocturnal vision redefines the project. The luminous fiber glass looks like a natural element. And what might be only a surface brings depth. By day the site is a nature-sculpture; by night it is telluric, and irrigated by vital energies.


A piece of light illuminating the way to a sustainable future.





We start with a thin layer of ground. It is almost resistant to set any structure. We have known several concerns about their safety and health because the erosion into top layer. We take care about consolidating the stratum by means of letting earthworm and other insects to nitrogen soil. It will allow plants and low vegetation like bushing, oleander, … to grow. This is a condition sine quae non to retain them.


The trees and shrubs will be jasmine (jasminum), weeping willow (salix babylonica) and Judas trees (cercis siliquastrum).    


Another objective is to create a protective layer of green leaves that provide with a rich layer of nutrients in a field lacking of these qualities, and at the same time improving the aesthetic characteristics of the area.


We seek to enrich environment with a wide variety of plants such as poppies, daisies, marigolds,….


In summary, our intention is to create not only an outdoor space, but also an new open garden, rediscovering the aesthetic value of native plants. To solve the problems of existing slopes we decided to create terraces that are integrated into the area and provide themselves with an aesthetic quality, while organic.




This proposal takes both energy ways: solar energy and wind energy.


Solar energy.

We have photovoltaic panels. These panels convert the sun power to electric energy. These panels take the shape on the solar orbit, coping as much of the perpendicular incidence of the rays of the sun as possible throughout the year. Our suggestion is taking the values of the solstices and equinoxes and seeking the most optimal tilt. We seek two cases. In one case, the path is north-south orientation; otherwise, the path is southeast-northwest, which is a more complex. In the first case we have a direct reception of the orbit of the sun. In the second case we merge it with the best reception.


Wind energy

We have a wind turbine at the highest point of each module, at a height of 50 feet, with a height above sea level of 70 feet. Turbines are 3 feet in diameter and 12 feet high, Savonius type, and collect all wind energy regardless of wind direction.


All these receptors transferred energy to power converters located just next to the foundation, organically integrated into the base of each module. These parts are covered with vegetation that integrate into the environment, and marked with points of light without causing light pollution.



  1. No sóc molt entesa en arquitectura, però em sent part del paisatge, que intuïsc com la conjunció del paisatge natural i el construït per la ment creadora. Des de aquest sentiment de ser part d’un tot naturalartificial, em sembla un projecte preciós, molt original, que em recorda el disseny i la idea racionalista: buscar la nuesa arquitectònica, despullar l’espai de decoració innecessària, trencar amb el passat com a llastre, identificar i utilitzar els materials que són certs.

    Veig en la vostra proposta l’argument de que la forma pot ser la conseqüència de la funció, sense deixar de banda l’estètica. M’agrada el concepte-intenció de protegir l’espai artificial i l’espai humà, els ciutadans, amb passadissos que els lliuren llum i ombres (una reproducció del que veritablement és la vida): arquitectura que pensa en la ciutat i en el ciutadà.

    I a més, què voleu que vos diga: és un disseny molt estètic. Senzillament:M’agrada.

    Enhorabona a tot l’equip!

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