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10 raons per a quedar amb un arquitecte :)

10 reasons to date an Architect


They know what it means to ‘pay attention to detail’

Be it a design or cooking a meal for you, expect nothing short of perfection

They ace at creative solutions

You think their work is imaginative? Wait till you see your anniversary presents

They are classy as hell

An infinite collection of sleek clothes, nothing is quite as stylish

10 reasons to date an #Architect - Blogs - Archh #Architecture They are #classy as hell An infinite collection of sleek clothes, nothing is quite as stylish 

They can discuss any kind of art, anytime

You’d never have to worry about them being unimpressive in front of your parents

There is no such thing as a fat architect

Or at least a majority of them are super healthy

They know everything there is to know about good coffee

Say hello to your all access pass to the best coffee shops in town

Nothing sounds as impressive as showing off your architect boyfriend/girlfriend

What’s not to be impressed about?

They can handle commitment

5 years of college, 2 years of masters, spending years on a single project – they sure know how to stick with something for the long run

They never give up

They are used to redoing a design till the client is satisfied. Expect the same with every relationship

You deserve to!

Architects are creative, hard working and talented individuals. Doesn’t that sound like someone you deserve to be with?

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