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Democracy now finds there can be ample for all, but only if the souvereing fences are completely removed.

Jason Middlebrook, o l’Art Pobra (l’arte povera) com a mitjà.

Jason Middlebrook, l’Art Pobra (l’arte povera) com a senyera. I l’objecte trobat i manipulat intencionalment sota el concepte de “UPCYCLING“. És un recurs com a resposta a la immediatesa del nostre temps. Arquitectures+formes orgàniques+natura.

ArtInfo visits artist Jason Middlebrook’s Hudson, New York studio, where the artist explains the influence of this new location on his work. Previously living in New York, Middlebrook’s work often focused on nature intersecting with architecture, but now in the lush, natured filled landscape of Upstate, New York, the artist’s work has drastically changed to reflect this new inspiration. Middlebrook also tours his piece for Unsettled Landscapes, Your General Store, which repurposes a shipping container into a 19th Century style country store, stocked with work by his artist friends, available only for barter.
My Landscape

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