easy approach to phrasal verbs


There are three phrasal verbs with the particle “AWAY” from the Top 100 Phrasal Verbs List:

Give away, put away and throw away 

EXAMPLES                                                 USE                                                   
1. She got up and walked away            Movement from a given place
2. She works away for hours at home Continous action (for an indefinite time)
3. He washed the dirt away                   removal (towards absence) 

To give away:

Provide someone with something that you no longer need
“Any plants that were left I gave away to the neighbours”
USE: removal

To put away:

store something in its usual place
“She put the notebook and stood up”

To throw away:

get rid of something, for example, by putting it in a dustbin 
“Have you thrown the papers away?”
USE: removal


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