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Page 4: There are six phrasal verbs on this page:

1. To spread away: 
Meaning: extension from a given place 
Text: ” SPREADING AWAY  until it meets a purple stripe “
USE : movement from a given place

2. To go up: 
Meaning:  ascend
Text: “I hear a sound “said Rhoda,” cheep, chirp; cheep, chirp; GOING UP AND DOWN. 
USE: upward

3. To go down: 
Meaning: descend 
Text: “I hear a sound” said Rhoda,” cheep, chirp; cheep, chirp;” GOING UP and DOWN 
USE: downward

4. To hang down:
Meaning:to put something somewhere so that the top part is held in position but the bottom part is loose an can move easily
Text: “HANGING DOWN in a drop against the enormous flanks of some hill.”
USE: downward

5. To flash in:
Meaning :pass quickly inside somewhere
Text: “And burning lights from the windows-panes FLASH IN and OUT.”
USE: from exterior to interior

6. To flash out:
Meaning: pass quickly outside somewhere
Text: “And burnings lights from the windows-panes FLASH IN and OUT.”
USE: from interior to exterior

THE WAVES : page 4

 “I SEE A RING” said Bernard, “hanging above me. It quivers and hangs in a loop of light,”

   “I see a slab of pale yellow,” said Susan, “SPREADING AWAY until it meets a purple stripe.”
   “I hear a sound,” said Rhoda, “cheep, chirp; cheep, chirp; GOING UP and DOWN.”

   “I see a globe,” said Neville, “HANGING DOWN in a drop against the enormous flanks of some hill.”
   “I see a crimson tassel, ”  said Jinny, “twisted with gold threads.”
   “I hear something stamping,” said Louis. “A great beast’s  foot is chained. It stamps, and stamps, and stamps.”
   “Look at the spider’s web on the corner of the balcony,” said Bernard. It has beads of water on it, drops of white light.”
   “The leaves are gathered round the window like pointed ears,” said Susan.
   “A shadow falls on the path,” said Louis, “like an elbow bent.”
   “Islands of light are swimming on the grass,” said Rhoda. “They have fallen through the trees.”
   “the birds’ eyes are bright in the tunnels between the leaves,” said Neville.
“The stalks are covered with harsh, short hairs,” said Jinny, “and drops of water have stuck to them.”
   “A caterpillar is curled in a green ring,” said Susan, “notched with blunt feet,”
   “The grey-shelled snail draws across the path and flattens the blades behind him,” said Rhoda. 
   “And burning lights from the window-panes FLASH IN  and OUT  on the grasses,” said Louis.
   “Stones are cold to my feet,” said Neville. “I feel each one, round or pointed separately.”
   “The back of my hand burns, “said Jinny, “but the palm is clammy and damp with dew.”
   “Now the cock crows like a spurt of hard, red water in the white tide,” said Bernard.
   “Birds are singing up and down and in and out all round us,” said Susan. 


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