Només és un taüt més (Marillion)

“And so as I patrol in the valley of the shadow of the tricolour I must fear evil
For I am but mortal and mortals can only die
Asking questions, pleading answers from the nameless faceless watchers
That parade the carpeted corridors of whitehall
Who orders desecration, mutilation, verbal masturbation in the guarded bureaucratic wombs
Minister, minister care for your children
Order them not into damnation
To eliminate those who would trespass against you
For whose is the kingdom, the power, the glory for ever and ever
Peace on earth and mercy mild, mother brown has lost her child
Just another forgotten son”

Forgotten sons

Em quedaré despert fins que no quedi res per veure (Willard Grant Conspiracy)

Give me hope give me light
Let the dawn follow night
I will stay awake until
There is nothing left to see

Willard Grant Conspiracy

From a distant shore

The Ghost Of The Girl In The Well

El vídeo clip. I la lletra:

I’m the ghost of the girl in the well
Killed by a man who owned my family
It’s been many years since I fell
Still no one has found me

I was fourteen years old when I died
The earth had just turned and the field were alive
So alive

Mister called out to me and I ran
I didn’t want to be under him

I’m the ghost of the girl in the well
I was trying to hide when my fingers slipped
In the darkness I cried and I cried
All my tears
Taken by the water

I’m the ghost of the girl in the well
Killed by a man who owned my family

Hola Moshcam!

Fa uns mesos la web que oferia concerts en directe de gran qualitat des d’Holanda,, va tancar: “No money means no content. That is the way the labels (major and
independent) look at potential partnerships with internet companies.”

Hi ha una web molt similar que es troba en actiu i ho fa des d’Austràlia: Moshcam. Per exemple, alguns dels últims concerts que ofereixen són de: Nine Inch Nails, Mogwai, The Hives i Black Mountain.

Aquest és el concert dels Black Mountain: