easy approach to phrasal verbs


Page 11: there are three phrasal verbs on this page

1.- To seal up

Seal meaning: If you seal an opening, you fill or cover it to prevent air, gas or a liquid getting in or out.

PV meaning: It is an emphasis of to seal

USE: Completion

Text: “… SEAL UP and make entire”


2.- To ramble off

Ramble meaning: To take a long walk in the countryside

PV meaning: To go for a long walk in the countryside for enjoyment

USE: In an outward but unspecified direction

Text: “while we RAMBLE OFF”


3.- Curl up

Curl meaning: If something curls somewhere, it moves in circles or spirals

PV meaning: To sit in a comfortable position with your legs bent and your feet up off the floor

USE: Upwards

Text: ” Here Jinny if we CURL UP”


door. Miss Hudson. I am left alone to find an answer. The figures mean nothing now. Meaning has gone. The clock ticks. The two hands are convoys marching through a desert. The black bars on the clock face are green oases. The long hand has marched ahead to find water. The other painfully stumbles among hot stones in the desert. It will die in the desert. The kitchen door slams. Wild dogs bark far away. Look, the loop of the figure is beginning to fill with time; it holds the world in it. I begin to draw a figure and the world is looped in it, and I myself am outside the loop; which I now join -so- and SEAL UP, and make entire. The world is entire, and I am outside of it, crying, “Oh save me, from being blown for ever outside the loop of time!”

   “There Rhoda sits staring at the blackboard,” said Louis, “in the schoolroom, while we RAMBLE OFF, picking here a bit of thyme, pinching here a leaf of southernwood, while Bernard tells a story. Her shoulder-blades meet across her back like the wings of a small butterfly. And as she stares at the chalk figures, her mind lodges in those white circles; it steps through those white loops into emptiness, alone. They have no meaning for her. She has no answer for them. She has no body as the others have. And I, who speak with an Australian accent, whose father is a banker in Brisbane, do not fear her as I fear the others.”

   “Let us now crawl,” said Bernard, “under the canopy of the currant leaves, and tells stories. Let us inhabit the underworld. Let us take possession of our secret territory, which is lit by pendant currants like candelabra, shining red on one side, black on the other. Here, Jinny, if we curl up close, we can sit under the canopy of the currant leaves and watch the censers swing. This is our universe. The others pass down the carriage-down. The skirts of Miss Hudson and Miss Curry sweep by like candle extinguishers. Those are Susan’s white socks. Those are Louis’s neat sandshoes firmly printing the gravel. Here come warm gusts of decomposing leaves of rotting vegetation. We are in a swamp now; in a malarial jungle. There is an elephant white with maggots, killed by an arrow shot dead in its eye. The bright eyes of hopping birds -eagles, vultures- are apparent.They take us for fallen trees. They pick up at a worm .that is a hooded cobra- and leave it with a festering brown scar to be mauled by lions. This is our world, lit with crecents and stars of light; and great petals half transparent block the openings like purple windows. Everything is strange. Things are huge and very small. The stalks of flowers are thick as oak trees. Leaves are high as the domes of vast cathedrals. We are giants, lying here, who can make forests quiver  



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