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With the appearance of new technological elements that we have to insert in our buildings we have to think of another way to explain them. With this competition we have started to move toward that goal. Now we present only a slideshow of photos. How we are working. Without any preconceived sense of what is right. It is an hazard. But not too much of the risk, if we want to develop a discourse about some body of architectural building, we must establish an appropiate conceptualization within which that regard can unfold. We must have a strategy for segmenting architectural compositions into parts and a way to refer to parts by name. As in the tradition of classical architecture, for example, there is a standard system of segmentation and naming. We must also have sufficiently extensive and finely differentiated vocabulary relation between relations and function symbols for use in specifying the properties and interrelationships of parts of building systems.
We need a system for constructing assertions from names of parts, in the new buildings, relation symbols, and function symbols. To be understood. We should construct a new set of first-order logic sentences, or we could allow the discourse to unfold as a sequence of constructive sentences. In the future we will make our own personal choice among every photo. Therefore, at the moment there is only a previous chaotic discourse. To be continued…
Here you can watch the slideshow.

Untitled from Josep Blesa on Vimeo.

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