Trobada Virtual a Gdansk (Polònia) a propòsit del Patrimoni Arquitectònic Europeu

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Dear friends and colleagues,

I hope to find all of you well and safe, going through the next summer plans.
As you can imagine, following the last discussions in the virtual meetings, we have proceeded through the EU official obligation to TERMINATE the participation of the Russian Partner, Perm National Research Polytechnic University, in the project activities of PROMETHEUS.
From the coordination point of view, I have discussed longer with our Project Officer the best opportunities to update the partnership of the consortium, to guarantee the opportunity for international exchange and transfer of knowledge that is at the basis of our entire project.
In this way, I want to formally communicate to all the group that new European institutions have followed our consortium and will contribute to the development of scientific activities hosting our researchers.

I want to welcome GDAŃSKTECH, the Gdańsk University of Technology from Poland, and its researchers Prof. Jakub Szczepański, dr. Justyna Borucka, dr. Joanna Badach, dr. Karolina Życzkowska with their research group. As an academic European partner, they will support the partnership in the study of Cultural Heritage Routes and the opportunities for conservation and EU promotion from digital applications and modeling.

Also, 3 EU enterprises have been added to the Consortium:
– METAHERITAGE enterprise, set in Italy, represented by Dr Daniele Bursich, on digital services for Cultural Heritage.
– BLESARQ studio, set in València, represented by Arch. Josep Blesa i Morante and Pablo Palmero.
– CTADVENTURE SP ZOO enterprise, set in Poland, represented by Drs. Aleksandra Wojciechowska and Mieszko Bisewski.

A great welcome to their groups for our next collaboration and activities, thank you for your participation!

I would like to plan a virtual meeting to introduce the entire new team and to define together the future developments of PROMETHEUS project. In particular, the next activities will regard the application of developed methodologies from Upper Kama on other routes in Europe, and our partners from UPV and GDAŃSKTECH have proposed interesting sites that I would like to share with the entire group.
I propose to organize our meeting on June 9th, 2022, in the morning at 10:00 am (CEST)

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