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Anglès. BASIC Vocabulary. 775 paraules + Verbs Irregulars

Publicat el 25 de juny de 2019

yA continuació, per ordre alfabètic, hi ha la llista de les paraules angleses bàsiques, per la freqüència i ús, que convé saber.

Aquests mots són  substantius, verbs, adjectius, adverbis. Per consolidar la seva comprensió, no n’hi ha prou amb llegir-les, sinó que cal utilitzar-les fent frases. Si les categories anteriors representen les rajoles i les lloses amb que construir l’edifici lingüístic, cal cimentar-les i reforçar-les amb l’ús d’articles, pronoms, preposicions i conjuncions.


Basic English Words


Able, about, above, abroad, accept, ache, accuse,  action, add, address, admit, afford, afraid, after, again, against, age, ago, agree, air, alive, all, allow, almond,  almost, already, also, alwaysamong,  angry, ankle, annoy, another, answer, ant,  ape,  apologize, apple,  apricot, arm, around, arrive,  ask, aunt, away.  45


Back, bad, bag, bake, ball,  basket, bath,  be, beach, bear, beard,  beat, beauty, because, become, bed, bee, beer, before, begin, behind, believe, below, belt, berry,

, big, bike,  bird, birth, bitter,   black, blood, blow, blue, boat, body, bone, book,  boot, boss, both, bottle, bow, box, boy, bread, break, breathe, brick, bridge, bring, brother, brown, burn, build, business, butter, buy, bye.  60


Cake, call,  candle, car, card, care, carpet, carrot, carry,  cash, castle, cat, celery, cell(phone), chain, chair, chance, change, cheap, cheek, cheesecherry, chess, chest, chicken, child,  choose, church, circle, citizen,  class, clean, clear, clever clock, close, clothes, cloud, coast, coat,  cold, comb, come, complain, computer, congratulations, cook, cool, corn, corner, cost, cotton, council, count, country, couple, cow, crash, crazy,  cross, crowd, cry, cub, cup, cut ,  65



Dance, danger, dark, date, daughter, day, deal,  dear, death deep,  desk,  dessert, devil, die, difficult, dinner, dirty,  dish,  do, dog, door,   down,  draw, dream, dress, drink, drive, drop, duck,  dust. 30


Eagle,  ear, early, earn, earth, easy, eat, egg,   elbow, empty, end,  enjoy, enough,   even, evening,   every, evil,  expensive, explain, eye, 20


Face, fair(x2), faith,  fall, false, family, far, farm, fast, fat, father, fear, feel,  few, field, fight, fill, find, fine, finger, finish, fire, fish,flag, flat, fly, floor, flower, follow, food,  foot,  force, forest,  forget, forgive, fork, fox, free, freeze, fridge, friend,  frog,  fruit, full, fun, 45


Game,  garden, garlic, gate,  get,  girl, give,  glass, glasses, glove, go,  god, gold, good,  granddaughter, grandfather, grandmother, grandson, grass, great, greet, green, grey,  grow, gun, 25


Hair, half,  hand, happen, happyhard,  hat, hate, have,  head, health, hear, heart, heat, heaven, heavy, hell, help, here, hide, high,  hit, hold, hole, holiday, home, honey, hope, horse,  host, hot, hour, house, hug,  humble, hungry, hunt, hurry, hurt, husband, 40



Ice,  ill,   improve, in,  injury, ink,  inside,   into, iron, island, 10


Jam,  jaw, jelly,  jewel,  job, joke journey joy,   juice, jump, 10


Keep key, kick,  kid, kidney,  kind(x2), king, kill, kiss, kit,  kitchen,  knee, knife,  know, 15


Lake, land, large, last, late, laugh, law, lazy, lead,  leaf, learn, leave, left, leg, lemon let, letter, lettuce, level, lie, life, light, like, line, lion, lip, listen, little, live, liver,  long, look, lose, lot, loud, love, low, luck, lunch, lung,  40

Make, mail,  man, many, market, marry, match,  maybe, meal,  mean meet, melon*, middle, milk, mind(x2), mirror, miss, mistakemoneymonth, moon,  morning,  mother, mountain, mouse,  mouth, move, much, must, 30


Nail, naked, name,  narrownear*,  neck, need, needle,  neighbour,  nest,  net, never, new, news,  next, nice,  night, noise,  nose, nothing, now, number, nun, nurse, nut, 25



Oak, off, often, old,  on, once, one, onion, only, open, orange,  other,  oven, over, own, 15


Pain, paint, pair,  paper, park,  party, past, pay, pea, peace,  peach, pear, pearl, pen, pencil, people,  person,  picture, pig, pill, pillow,  pine*, pink, place,  plane, play, please, plenty, plum, pocket, polite, poor,   potato, power,  pretty, price,  pull, purple, push, put, 40


Queen,   question, queue, quick,  quiet,  quite.


Rabbit, race(x2),  rain, rainbow, raise, read, ready, recipe, red,  relationship,  remember, remind, rescue, research, rest,  rice, rich, ride, right(x2), ring, rise, river, road, rob,  rock, roof,  room,  round, rule, run, 30



Sad, sail, salad, salt, same, sand, say, schoolsea,  search, season(X2), seat, see, seemself, sell, send,  set, several,  shadow, shake,  shame, shape, share, shark, sheep,  shine, ship, shirt, shoe, shoot, shop, short, shoulder, shout,  show, shower,  sick, side,  sight, silk, silver, since, sing, single, sister, sit,  size,  skin,  sky, sleep, sleeve, slow, small, smell, smile, smoke, smooth, snake, snow, soap, sock, soft, some, son, song, soon, sorry, soul, soup, souvenir,  speak, speech, spell, spend, spider,  sport, spoon, spot, square,  stand, stair, star, start,  stay, steal, steel, still, sting, stone, stop, storm, story, strawberry, street, strong, sugar,  sun,  sweet, swim, 100



Table, tail,  take, tale, tall, talk, taste, tea, teach, tear, tell, team,  thank, thick, thief, thin, thing, think, thirsty,  thought,  throw,  thunder,  tick, tide, tie, time,   tired,  today,  together, tomato,  tomorrow,  too(x2), tool, tooth, top, touch, towel, tower, town, toy, trade,  train, travel,  tree,  trouble, trousers, true, trust,  try,  turn, twist, 50


Ugly, umbrella,  uncle, under, understand, unless,   until, up,   upset, use, 10


Valley, vast, vegetable, veil, velvet, very,  view, village,  voice, vowel, 10


Wait, wake, walk, wall, want, war, warm,  wash,  watch, water, wave, way, weak, week, weapon, wear, weather, web, wedding,  welcome, well, wet,  whale, wheat, wheel,  white, whole, wide, wife, wild, will, win, wind, wine, wing, window, wise, wish, with/without, witness, wolf, woman, wonder, wood, word, work, world, worry,  write, wrong, 50


Yacht, yard,  year, yellow, yesterday, yet, yolk,  young,  youth, 8

Zebra,  zero,  zest, zigzag,  zip, zoo, zoom, 7



Total words :  775


A continuació,  elements de connexió de les paraules.



I, you, he/she/it, we, you, they

My, your, his/her/its, our, your, their

Me, you, him/her/it, us, you, them

Mine, yours, his/hers/its, ours, yours, theirs


(preposition & conjunctions)

A, and, any, as, at,  but, by,  for, from,   if, in,  into, of, or, out,  so,  to.


(W-words, for questions)

What, when, where, who, why, how, which


(Aquí, allà ;  aquest, aquell ;  aquests, aquells  /  Hi ha )

Here, there  /  This, that   /  These,  those  / There is,  there are


(Comparatius :   més  que …. /   menys  que)

More than…..   /   less  than ……


Spring, Summer, Autumn(Fall), Winter

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September,    October, November, December.Christmas, Easter

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Dawn, Morning,  Noon, Afternoon, Evening,  Night, Midnight.

East, South, West, North.

Zero(Nought), One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty. Thirty, Forty, Fifty, Sixty, Seventy, Eighty, Ninety, Hundred. Thousand. Million. Billion.

First, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eight, ninth, tenth, eleventh…twentieth…

Yes  /  No (Not)  /

Indeed  :  (certament)

Maybe   /  Perhaps  :   (potser)

Not at all  :  (en absolut)

Anyway  :  (de totes maneres)

By the way : (per cert)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  Juliol 2019



A continuació la primera de les tres llistes de verbs irregulars en anglès :





Base Form






Past Simple






Past Participle (amb auxiliar, “have”)





be was/were been   ser,estar
begin began begun  



bite bit bitten       mossegar
 break broke broken trencar
bring brought brought portar
build built built construir
buy bought bought comprar
can could  (been able)  
choose chose chosen escollir
come came come venir
cut cut cut tallar
do did done    fer
drink drank drunk beure








eat ate eaten menjar
fall fell fallen caure
feel felt  



sentir (una sensació)






found trobar
fly flew flown volar
forget forgot forgotten oblidar
give gave given donar
go went gone anar
have had had tenir, haver de
hear heard heard sentir(un soroll)
know knew known Saber
learn learnt/learned learnt/learned aprendre
lose lost lost perdre
make made made realitzar,crear


























put put put posar
run ran run córrer








see saw seen veure
sell sold  



sing sang sung cantar
speak spoke spoken parlar
swim swam swum nedar








teach taught taught ensenyar
think thought thought pensar
understand understood understood entendre
will would  
win won won guanyar
write wrote  











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