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13 d'octubre de 2023
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L’eix Iran, Rússia i Xina contra Israel i Occident

La guerra en curs a Israel i els territoris palestins és un conflicte civilitzacional en el  qual intervenen els diversos règims totalitaris (Iran, Rússia i Xina) que volen destruir l’hegemonia política i cultural de les societats obertes occidentals, Israel en primer lloc,  i utilitzen el palestinisme  com ariet. Els pobles d’Ucraïna, Armènia, Israel i potser aviat Taiwan són els primers objectius d’aqueixa ofensiva totalitària global.

Les diàries declaracions de Putin donant suport a la creació immediata d’un estat palestí són una bufetada a Israel, com també ho és el posicionament de Xina, veure sinó aqueixa anàlisi de Galia Lavi ahir a l’INSS d’Israel: China and the War in Israel: In Dire Times, True Friends Make Themselves Known.

Israel is now in real trouble. Despicable murderers infiltrated its territory, raped, murdered, and kidnapped babies, children, women, and the elderly from their homes. This is neither a battlefield nor a confrontation between militaries, but horrific terrorist activity that shocked the entire world.

Well, almost the entire world. There are countries that were less shocked – China, for example. The statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson was, as usual, laconic, and spoke of the need for calm among “all sides.” Although in general and vague terms it condemned “actions that harm civilians,” it did not mention Hamas by name and could just as well have been directed at Israel, which is now attacking in Gaza. The Israeli embassy in China, which dared to write a post on the Chinese social network Weibo stating that it expects China to condemn Hamas, immediately received thousands of hateful and antisemitic responses from Chinese users. The Chinese censorship did not prevent them from continuing their protest, until the post was blocked for comments.

The fact that there are also Chinese among those kidnapped did not matter at all. On the contrary. The fact that these are people who supposedly renounced their Chinese citizenship and took on another (Israeli) citizenship became an excuse why China should disown them.

The Chinese press has pursued the same line, seeing the criminal act of terrorism as part of a “conflict between countries.” In tandem, Chinese researchers even leveraged the incident to rail against the United States, which according to them “inflames the situation.”

Almost six months ago, Prime Minister Netanyahu boasted of the invitation he received to visit Beijing, and people around him even noted that this was intended to “show the US that Israel has alternatives.” These days, which are marked by repeated demonstrations of unequivocal support by the US for Israel – from statements by President Biden himself to the dispatch of an aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean to restrain our enemies from the north – it is important to clarify and reiterate: China is a superpower and is economically important, but it is not a friend of Israel.

Post Scriptum, 15 d’octubre del 2023.

Avui, a Tribune Juives, Udi Levi: Le Plan Stratégique de l’Iran pour une Prise de Contrôle Economique et Sociale des Pays du Moyen-Orient. Les États-Unis et l’Occident devraient immédiatement repenser leur politique vis-à-vis de l’Iran. Il ne s’agit pas seulement du nucléaire et du terrorisme, mais d’une campagne beaucoup plus vaste liée à l’avenir du système international. La prise de contrôle culturelle, économique et sociale de l’Iran sur des pays comme l’Irak, la Syrie et le Liban, tout en liant la Russie et la Chine, devrait entraîner un changement stratégique à l’échelle mondiale et, bien sûr, au Moyen-Orient.

Post Scriptum, 16 d’octubre del 2023.

L’articulista de referència del Jerusalem Post, SETH J. FRANTZMAN  hi publica avui aqueixa reflexió: “Will China-Russia summit impact Israel’s war with Iran-backed Hamas? Despite years of favorable Israeli foreign policy, both Beijing and Moscow are now openly hostile to Israel. Iran has been seeking to unify various fronts against Israel. This potentially harms Israel’s long-term strategy. It comes amid reports that Egypt may host a meeting of countries to discuss Gaza. It is unclear if Israel will be invited. This illustrates that Israel may be isolated in the wake of the Hamas attack, which has set back years of progress in the region”.

Post Scriptum, 25 d’octubre del 2023.

Avui, a The times of Israel: “Russia, China block US Security Council resolution backing Israeli right to self-defense.

Post Scriptum, 11 de novembre del 2023.

Abans d’ahir els analistes Arkady Mil-Man i Bat Chen Druyan Feldman van publicar aqueix report a l’INSS Insight No. 1784: “Russia-Hamas Relations and the Israel-Hamas War.  Now is the time for Israel to change it approach toward Moscow“. Mentre que avui, The Times of Israel informa sobre l’actitud xinesa: “Depuis le massacre du 7 octobre au Hamas, l’antisémitisme a explosé en ligne”.

Post Scriptum, 28 de desembre del 2023.

Aqueixa anàlisi d’Armand Laferrère publicat ahir per Tribune Juive mereix ser llegit amb atenció, “Israël : ce massacre qui change le monde”.

Post Scriptum, 29 de desembre del 2023.

Avui, a Le Figaro: “Le directeur de recherche à l’Institut Thomas More Jean-Sylvestre Mongrenier dresse le bilan géopolitique de l’année. 2023 a confirmé la volonté de l’axe Moscou-Pékin-Téhéran de remettre en cause l’hégémonie de l’Occident, analyse-t-il”.

Post Scriptum, 30 de desembre del 2023.

Només d’un poble com el jueu poden sortir gent valenta com AMOTZ ASA-EL que gosen escriure això a la cara d’una potència mundial com la Xina avui al Jerusalem Post,  “Mr. Xi: Tear down this wall. In recent weeks Beijing has entered a dark cave where China had never been: antisemitism“. Val la pena retenir aqueixos paràgrafs:

“Now Beijing is changing course, embracing not just hatred but history’s most unwarranted and lethal hatred, evidently not realizing what fire it is playing with. Faced with this threat, the task of Jews is not to tell our Chinese detractors that we are not what they claim we are. Instead, we should tell them where their choice will lead.

First, antisemitism repeatedly destroyed its bearers. Medieval Christianity, which invented antisemitism, ultimately split, fought itself, and drowned in its own blood after a 30-year war in which one-fifth of Europe’s population died. The orchestrated hatred that was directed at the Jews spun out of control and devoured all. The end of antisemitism’s next three engines – Czarist Russia, Nazi Germany, and the Soviet Union – was total extinction.

Second, in taking the side of Hamas, Beijing is taking not the side of national liberation, as it claims, but the side of religious imperialism, which it detests, but now effectively boosts. Sleeping with jihadism, China will in due course learn, means waking up with its teeth smiling in your face.

Lastly, China emerges from this choice as a coward, willingly shoved into an utterly un-Chinese misadventure by its Iranian friends. “It’s part of standing up to America,” the mullahs must have said.

Well, it isn’t. It’s part of standing up to the Jews, and it will lead the new China back into the old China’s walls – the walls whose first brick was laid centuries after ancient Israel’s emergence in its land; the land that global jihadism wants to conquer with China aboard the chariots of its war; the war that jihadism cannot resist, Israel cannot afford to lose, and China would be mad to join”.

Post Scriptum, 10 de febrer del 2024.

Fa tres dies Jforum versionà  en francès aqueix article de Pete Hoekstra aparegut inicialment al Gatestone Institute, “La longue guerre d’Israël pour l’Occident“.


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