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10 de febrer de 2024
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Berlín 2024: Fòrum

Com ja he dit en anteriors edicions del Festival de Berlín, la secció Fòrum em resulta impossible de seguir-la, per la immensa quantitat de pel·lícules que s’hi programen, la majoria de les quals mai les arribarem a veure per aquí, etc. Tanmateix, per tal de deixar constància de la seva programació, en aquest apunt en reprodueixo la llista de films facilitada pel festival, sense editar-la, ni ampliar-la, ni traduir-la, simplement enllaçant-ne el títol amb la corresponent pàgina del web del certamen (en anglès).

Berlín 2024: Fòrum.

Art Education
by Maria Lassnig
Austria / USA 1976
Forum Special
Scenes from the lives of the masters: Vermeer, Piero della Francesca, Michelangelo. But what happened to the women? They become
artworks, muses or secretaries. And having barely come into existence, Adam thus asks: “Why is she not God?”

Baroque Statues
by Maria Lassnig | with Lisbet Eberwein, Willy Gabriel
Austria / USA 1970
Forum Special
Nails painted in red polish, tender hands invite the saints to dance. Out in front of the church, feet in the grass. Close-up, wide shot,
doubling, solarisation. God-fearing folds of fabric get moving in earnest. A costume drama.

Il cassetto segreto (The Secret Drawer)
by Costanza Quatriglio
Italy / Switzerland 2024
Forum | World premiere | Documentary Form
As Sicilian journalist Giuseppe Quatriglio turns 90, his daughter starts filming him. When he dies, she keeps on filming. Boxes become
archival materials, as journeys, women and post-war Europe come to the fore. And in the end, there is a father.

by Maria Lassnig
Austria / USA 1971
Forum Special
A scrawny chair does gymnastic exercises, an upholstered one puffs and sweats. Hand-drawn animation, burlesque sketches. Early
cinema. Then she enters the scene and sits on a chair. Everything is sitting well!

Chroniques fidèles survenues au siècle dernier à l’hôpital psychiatrique Blida-Joinville, au temps où le Docteur Frantz Fanon était chef de la cinquième division entre 1953 et 1956 (True Chronicles of the Blida Joinville Psychiatric Hospital in the
Last Century, when Dr Frantz Fanon Was Head of the Fifth Ward between 1953 and 1956)
by Abdenour Zahzah | with Alexandre Desane, Gérard Dubouche, Nicolas Dromard, Omar Boulakirba, Amal Kateb
Algeria / France 2024
Forum | World premiere
Frantz Fanon was a renowned politician and decolonialisation activist. This feature focuses on his visionary social therapy methods
during his time as a psychiatrist in Algeria from 1953 to 1956. A piece of sober anti-racism.

by Maria Lassnig
Austria / USA 1972
Forum Special
Scenes of men and women, sizing each other up. A match? Not if she earns more than he does. “You are not my universe”. A revue of
misplaced lust. And at the end, a bleeding heart.

Deda-Shvili an rame ar aris arasodes bolomde bneli (Mother and Daughter, or the Night Is Never Complete)
by Lana Gogoberidze
Georgia / France 2023
Forum Special | International premiere | Documentary Form
Greatness paired with modesty: 93 years old and a daughter, world-famous director Lana remembers her mother Nutsa, Georgia’s first
female filmmaker. A cinema legacy that revolves around being human in dark times: feminist, loving, critical of violence.

Diese Tage in Terezín (Those Days in Terezín)
by Sibylle Schönemann | with Victoria Hanna Gabbay, Manka Alter, Orni, Hanna Fialová-Malka, Irene Ravelová
Germany / Czechia 1997
Forum Special | Documentary Form
Looking for clues about the “Chaplin of Theresienstadt”, ghetto cabaret artist Karel Švenk, Schönemann meets his acquaintances and
creates an intergenerational network of memory. Laughter was a form of defence. Resistance means commemoration.

by Maria Lassnig
Austria / USA 1970
Forum Special
“Ensoulment” was Lassnig’s term to describe how she made her own drawings move via stop-motion animation. Two figures, an
encounter that begins as a confrontation before all differences are overcome. Her first animated film.

Gokogu no Neko (The Cats of Gokogu Shrine)
by Kazuhiro Soda
Japan 2024
Forum | World premiere | Documentary Form
An ample community of cats has set up home around the Shinto shrine in Ushimado. Some local residents take care of them, others
are disturbed by their mess. Kazuhiro Soda observes their co-existence with kindness, precision and occasional involvement.

Henry Fonda for President
by Alexander Horwath
Austria / Germany 2024
Forum | World premiere | Documentary Form
“The United States of Fonda” is the motto of this three-hour autobiofilmographical monument, put together with cinematic passion and
editing verve for a president that will only ever have existed on the big screen: Henry Fonda.

La hojarasca (The Undergrowth)
by Macu Machín | with Carmen Machín, Elsa Machín, Maura Pérez
Spain 2024
Forum | World premiere | Documentary Form | Debut film
Three sisters on the Canary Islands, their everyday lives infused with a magical, meditative lyricism. Three life strategies without a
breadwinner, narrated via the body, a mix of staging, observation and memory. Before the volcano, serenity arrives.

L’ homme-vertige (L’ homme-vertige : Tales of a City)
by Malaury Eloi Paisley
France 2024
Forum | World premiere | Documentary Form | Debut film
Apartment blocks with no future are being torn down in Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe. Malaury Eloi Paisley follows those lost in the city
through the empty streets. Their accounts form a valuable commodity, circulating in carefully developed relationships.

The Human Hibernation
by Anna Cornudella Castro | with Clara Muck Dietrich, Demetrius Hollimon, Jane Hubbell, Brian Stevens, Neil O’Neil
Spain 2024
Forum | World premiere | Debut film
A brother and sister are hibernating. Only the sister wakes up. Human hibernation blurs the boundary between people and animals. A
thought experiment equal parts sci-fi and meditation shot in searing images. RESSONS. Premis: Premi FIPRESCI de la Crítica Internacional |

Ihre ergebenste Fräulein (Well Ordered Nature)
by Eva C. Heldmann
Germany 2024
Forum | World premiere | Documentary Form
Free-floating yet rigorously structured, this essay film presents botanist and educationalist Catharina Helena Dörrien and her time in
Orange-Nassau in the 18th century. Via regulations and floral formulas, nature philosophy and social policy converge.

by Oksana Karpovych
Canada / France / Ukraine 2024
Forum | World premiere | Documentary Form
The destruction caused by the war against Ukraine is shown in lengthy tableaux. Intercepted phone conversations between Russian
soldiers and their families set up a shocking parallel world. Sound and image stare each other in the face, stunned. Premis: Menció Especial del Jurat Ecumènic.

In the Belly of a Tiger
by Siddartha Jatla | with Lawrence Francis, Poonam Tiwari, Sorabh Jaiswar, Jyoti, Sonali
India / USA / People’s Republic of China / Indonesia / Taiwan 2024
Forum | World premiere
Bhagole and Prabhata are an old couple, struggling with their farm’s debts. He decides to let himself be killed by a tiger to save his
family. Their last night becomes a surreal love story. A mythological, expressionistic and deeply moving film.

by Maria Lassnig
Austria / USA 1971
Forum Special
Stomach, legs, knees. The movement of the body parts collides with the movement of the film. A chin rises up from between two
breasts. Iris looks at herself in a distorted mirror. “Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child”.

Kaddu Beykat (Letter from My Village)
by Safi Faye | with Assane Faye, Maguette Gueye
Senegal 1975
Forum Special | Documentary Form
Ngor loves Coumba with shyness but also determination in this wonderful docufiction, just as Safi Faye, who died last year, loves the
Senegalese village that forms its central setting: its workers, millet and peanuts. A letter from the country.

Kottukkaali (The Adamant Girl)
by Vinothraj PS | with Soori Muthuchamy, Anna Ben
India 2024
Forum | World premiere
Meena stubbornly refuses to speak. She loves a man from a lower caste. Her family thinks she is possessed and the spell is cast out of
her. The day begins, a road movie starts, as religious fervour and insane misogyny are narrated in passing.

Maria Lassnig Kantate (The Ballad of Maria Lassnig)
by Maria Lassnig, Hubert Sielecki
Austria 1992
Forum Special
A life in fourteen verses: tragicomic horror stories drawn by Lassnig herself that take the form of a street ballad sung by Lassnig
herself: “It’s art that always keeps me young, it makes the spirit hungry and then fills it up!”.

Marijas klusums (Maria’s Silence)
by Dāvis Sīmanis | with Olga Šepicka-Slapjuma, Artūrs Skrastiņš, Vilis Daudziņš, Inese Kučinska, Ģirts Ķesteris
Latvia / Lithuania 2024
Forum | World premiere
In 1937, the Moscow art scene is in free-floating accord with Soviet power. Latvian artist Maria Leiko believes she is untouchable and
unwittingly plays the role of her life: that of an innocent victim. A hugely topical historical allegory. Premis: Premi del Jurat Ecumènic |

Mit einem Tiger schlafen (Sleeping with a Tiger)
by Anja Salomonowitz | with Birgit Minichmayr, Lukas Watzl, Oskar Haag, Johanna Orsini, Josef Kleindienst
Austria 2024
Forum | World premiere
Birgit Minichmayr plays avant-garde painter Maria Lassnig at all ages and in all mental states, giving access to internal and external
perspectives alike in radical fashion. An unconventional biopic of a female artist in the midst of a man’s world.

As noites ainda cheiram á pôlvora (The Nights Still Smell of Gunpowder)
by Inadelso Cossa | with Inadelso Cossa, Maria Estevão, Moises Langa, Macuacua, Zalina
Mozambique / Germany / France / Portugal / Netherlands / Norway 2024
Forum | World premiere | Documentary Form
Inadelso Cossa visits his grandparents’ village in Mozambique, where he grew up during the civil war. Back then, his grandmother kept
the war out of sight for him. Now the film shines a careful light into the darkness of the past.

by Tamara Uribe, Felipe Morgado
Chile 2024
Forum | World premiere | Documentary Form | Debut film | A film by MAFI Collective
In 2019, a nationwide movement forms in Chile to create a new constitution. For three years, the film accompanies indigenous,
feminist, militant, legalistic, anarchist and conservative activists. A timely large-scale canvas of democratic protest.

Oasis of Now
by Chee Sum Chia | with Thi Diu Ta, Aster Ee Yeow, Abd Manaf Bin Rejab
Malaysia / Singapore / France 2023
Forum | European premiere | Debut film
An apartment block in Kuala Lumpur that houses migrants. Hanh moves calmly, incessantly. She cleans, washes up, tidies, helping
everyday life to function better for others. A gentle yet determined wander through the spaces of an existence denied rights.

by Maria Lassnig | with Dona Craig, George Heyward
Austria / USA 1973
Forum Special
Split screen: the drawing of a woman sitting at a real table perfectly decked out eats and eats and eats. Maria has her palm read; she
finds family photos between the lines of her hand. “Are you possessive?”

Pa-myo (Exhuma)
by Jang Jae-hyun | with Choi Min-sik, Kim Go-eun, Yoo Hai-jin, Lee Do-hyun
South Korea 2024
Forum | World premiere
A rich American-Korean family has been cursed. When their ancestral vault is opened, something is released. A pair of shamans, a
geomancer and an undertaker try to tame the spirit with pig head and horse blood rituals in this horror mystery thriller.

La piel en primavera (Skin in Spring)
by Yennifer Uribe Alzate | with Alba Liliana Agudelo Posada, Eduardo Arango, Cristian López, Laura Zapata
Colombia / Chile 2024
Forum | World premiere | Debut film
Medellín. Bus 243 takes Sandra to work. She is a security guard at a mall, takes her job seriously. Her uniform fits, her son is already
15, time to start something new. A film about places, sounds, a woman, her body, the self and the world.

by Lola Arias | with Yoseli Arias, Ignacio Amador Rodriguez
Argentina / Germany / Switzerland 2024
Forum | World premiere | Documentary Form
Gentle or rough, blonde or shaved, cis or trans, long term inmates or those newly admitted: women re-enact their lives in a Buenos
Aires prison, in trance and balance, voguing and singing. A hybrid musical and charming piece of collective empowerment.

Redaktsiya (The Editorial Office)
by Roman Bondarchuk | with Dmytro Bahnenko, Zhanna Ozirna, Rymma Ziubina, Andrii Kyrylchuk, Oleksandr Shmal
Ukraine / Germany / Slovakia / Czechia 2024
Forum | World premiere
Young biologist Jura still lives with his mum and witnesses arson while looking for marmots on the Cherson steppe. As he tries to make
what happened public, he ends up entangled in deep state matters. A surreal, self-critical satire on media and politics.

Reproduktion (Reproduction)
by Katharina Pethke
Germany 2024
Forum | World premiere | Documentary Form
The ensemble of buildings that makes up the maternity clinic and art school in Hamburg where the director taught is the starting point
for this sober interrogation of how motherhood and career can be combined based on three generations of German women.

by Jin Jiang | with Li Eryang, Li, Bai, Jiaojiao, VT
Singapore / People’s Republic of China 2023
Forum | European premiere | Documentary Form
Eryang has turned his Beijing cave into a private micro-club with fine music and a mezzanine bed for love. No space at all, but lots of
time to kill, with passion and psychedelics. They drink and ponder money, Communism and the cosmos.

Resonance Spiral
by Filipa César, Marinho de Pina | with Bedan na Onça, Bidan Quelenque, Cristina Mendes, Mû Mbana, Nsai Ndiba
Portugal / Guinea-Bissau / Germany 2024
Forum | World premiere | Documentary Form
The Mediateca Onshore in Malafo, a village in Guinea-Bissau, is an archive and a club for agropoetic practices. As Amílcar Cabral talks
feminism on tape, the directors speak in the mangroves about the contradictions of depicting the community.

Săptămâna Mare (Holy Week)
by Andrei Cohn | with Doru Bem, Nicoleta Lefter, Ciprian Chiricheș, Mario Gheorghe Dinu
Romania / Switzerland 2024
Forum | World premiere
A painterly Romanian landscape around 1900. A Jewish man named Leiba runs the village inn, a meeting point for Christians and Jews
alike, although the conviviality masks racism and anti-Semitism. Between Passover and Easter, a spark.

by Maria Lassnig
Austria / USA 1971
Forum Special
A self-portrait with a stick. This film was completed in the same year as the painting, the facial expressions are similar. “The face of
phases”. What’s new are the lyrics and her voice: “Until you are gone with the wind, be aware”.

by Narges Kalhor | with Baharak Abdolifard, Nima Nazarinia, Narges Kalhor, Thomas Sprekelsen, Carine Huber
Germany 2024
Forum | World premiere
Narges Shahid Kalhor is a director seeking to be rid of the “Shahid” (martyrs), who are too heavy a burden. From Bavarian bureaucracy
and therapy to dancing with Iran’s past generations and their long shadows, she twirls through a heady autofiction. Premis: Premi CICAE Art Cinema | Premi Caligari Film |

by Maria Lassnig
Austria / USA 1972
Forum Special
Physical poses are set in motion, like in many of Lassnig’s film works. Nudes. Engaged leg, free leg. A wild circular dance of silhouettes,
templates and multiplications. And a game involving art historical platitudes to top it all off.

Spuren von Bewegung vor dem Eis (Traces of Movement before the Ice)
by René Frölke
Germany 2024
Forum | World premiere | Documentary Form
Twenty years after Swiss publishing house Pendo closed its doors, the descendants of its founders repeatedly circle, examine and lose
sight of its legacy. Frölke’s film gives structure to this archive via media experimentation.

Techqua Ikachi, Land – mein Leben (Techqua Ikachi, Land – My Life)
by Anka Schmid, James Danaqyumptewa, Agnes Barmettler | with Qomahoyngma, Sewemunewa, Qomayumptewa, Quavayma,
Federal Republic of Germany (historical) / Switzerland 1989
Forum Special | Documentary Form
Invited by the then 74-year-old James Danaqyumptewa, two Swiss artists come to witness and document the non-violent resistance of
the Hopi in Arizona, combining sketches, photography and animation. At once a message in a bottle and a cry for help.

Der unsichtbare Zoo (The Invisible Zoo)
by Romuald Karmakar
Germany 2024
Forum | World premiere | Documentary Form
Across the seasons, the film gives an account of life and work and the animals and visitors at Zurich Zoo, an institution that is one of
the leading zoological gardens in Europe. Animals in their cages, humans in the cinema. What lies between them?

Voices of the Silenced
by Park Soo-nam, Park Maeui | with Kim Seong-soo, Hirano Nobuto, Jeon Dong-rye, Lee Yong-im, Seo Jeong-woo
Japan / South Korea 2023
Forum Special | International premiere | Documentary Form
Now nearly 90 years of age, Park Soo-nam had already lived half her life when she swapped the pen for the camera to tell the story of
Koreans in Japan: discrimination, forced labour, traces of the atomic bomb. “Beyond description” at every moment.

Was hast du gestern geträumt, Parajanov? (What Did You Dream Last Night, Parajanov?)
by Faraz Fesharaki | with Mitra Kia, Hasan Fesharaki, Faraz Fesharaki, Rahi Sinaki
Germany 2024
Forum | World premiere | Documentary Form | Debut film
A webcam dialogue between Berlin and Isfahan: Faraz Fesharaki documents conversations with his family over 10 years. This debut
film blends recordings, text and VHS memories into a warm, melancholy intergenerational portrait. Intimacy is also work.

The Wrong Movie
by Keren Cytter | with Laura Hajek, Ashby Bland, Elijah Lajmer, Jordan Raf, Edward Baker
USA / Belgium 2024
Forum | World premiere
Chilling as the stuff of existential tragedy. Ex-lover Alex becomes a mini drone, the new lover is a stuntman; Timur cannot escape his
mother and his drug problem, nor can Nicole her father’s ashes. An urban indie chamber drama with delicate synth sounds.

Yoake no subete (All the Long Nights)
by Shô Miyake | with Hokuto Matsumura, Mone Kamishiraishi, Kiyohiko Shibukawa, Ryo, Ken Mitsuishi
Japan 2024
Forum | International premiere
Two work colleagues: he suffers from panic attacks, she has extreme PMS. Their company distributes toy planetariums. What may not
sound like Ozu Yasujirō is actually precisely that: people are attentive and do each other good, without even realising. RESSONS.

FOTO DE L’APUNT: “Oasis of Now”, de Chee Sum Chia

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