13 de novembre de 2011
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L’Ajuntament de Barcelona admet per primer cop que “no li agrada” l’ordenança que prohibeix els animals al circ

Extracte de l’article publicat a El Punt Avui

La nova etapa política a l’Ajuntament de
Barcelona, amb ERC i ICV fora del govern, dóna esperances a un tomb de la
situació i a un canvi en la normativa que prohibeix els animals al circ. Tot i que CiU i el PP van votar a favor de l’ordenança, tan Xavier
Trias, l’actual alcalde, com Alberto Fernández Díaz, líder del PP, van
qüestionar la normativa i van demanar durant la legislatura passada que fos més flexible amb els circs. Ara, un portaveu
de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona ha assegurat, per primera vegada des de
l’aprovació de l’ordenança, fa quasi vuit anys, que al consistori barceloní
“no li agrada” aquesta ordenança, tot i que al mateix temps assenyala que “la
farà complir”.

Vuit anys de conflictes

El Circo Mundial, un dels millors circs de l’Estat,
ha deixat de venir com a protesta per la prohibició. Des de l’aprovació de la
normativa, l’artífex de la qual va ser Jordi Portabella, d’ERC, han passat de
llarg de Barcelona pel mateix motiu el circ francès Medrano i el nord-americà
Ringling. Els conflictes han estat constants. L’any 2005, l’Ajuntament va
prohibir un número de foques al Circ Raluy, i quatre anys després, el 2009, un
de cocodrils al Circo Universal, que va desafiar el consistori exhibint els
animals en una funció tot i les amenaces de l’Ajuntament. Durant aquests anys,
el Circo Americano també ha organitzat una recollida de firmes i l’Ajuntament
s’ha saltat la seva pròpia normativa i ha programat en la festa major del Poblenou
un espectacle amb serps del faquir Kirman que uns mesos abans havia prohibit en
una castanyada.

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  1. This success attracted more interest, and the campaign has steadily grown, with more animal protection groups and campaigners joining. EBA has promoted the Ordinance and explained why the circus is no place for animals.
  2. The circus industry has fought back, threatening us and attempting legal action against ADI and Mentes Verdes. This included claims of violation of their right to work and damage to their “good name, but the charges were thrown out by the legal authorities.
  3. Bans the keeping of certain kinds of exotic animals in the Township. “Exotic animal” includes alligators, anacondas, Boa constrictors, Burmese pythons, bobcats, caymans, cougars, crocodiles, Indian pythons, jaguars, leopards, lions, lynxes, ocelots, and Reticulated pythons. The ordinance does not provide for a grandfather clause. 
  4. Animal rights theorists criticize this position, arguing that the words “unnecessary” and “humane” are subject to widely differing interpretations, and that the only way to ensure protection for animals is to end their status as property, and to ensure that they are never used as commodities.
  5. It is unlawful for any person to keep within city limits any poisonous reptile or any other dangerous or carnivorous wild animal, insect or reptile, any vicious or dangerous domesticated animal or any other animal or reptile of wild, vicious, or dangerous propensities. Such animal include, but not limited to, all poisonous animals and reptiles, nonhuman primates, bears, big cats, constrictor snakes, deer, ostriches, wolves, etc.
  6. Una actriz ex niño, que era la voz de Lucy en varios especiales de televisión Peanuts”, fue sentenciado el martes a un mes de cárcel para la realización de un gancho de toro mientras protestaban contra un circo en Woodland Hills, en agosto.
  7. As Nigel Rothfels notes, the prohibition against dogs pulling carts in or near London caused most of the dogs to be killed by their owners as they went from being contributors to the family income to unaffordable expenses. Cart dogs were replaced by people with handcarts. About 150,000 dogs were killed or abandoned.
  8. Bullfighting is criticized by animal rights or animal welfare activists, referring to it as a cruel or barbaric blood sport in which the bull suffers severe stress and a slow, torturous death. A number of activist groups undertake anti-bullfighting actions in Spain and other countries. In Spanish, opposition to bullfighting is referred to as antitaurina.
  9. More recently, the video sharing site YouTube has been criticized for hosting thousands of videos of real life animal cruelty, especially the feeding of one animal to another for the purposes of entertainment and spectacle. 
  10. The performance space of the Roman circus was normally, despite its name, an oblong rectangle of two linear sections of race track, separated by a median strip running along the length of about two thirds the track, joined at one end with a semicircular section and at the other end with an undivided section of track closed (in most cases) by a distinctive starting gate known as the carceres, thereby creating a circuit for the races.
  11. It is ironic that people who love animals prefer watching circus. In most cases, they are not aware of the sufferings inflicted on the performing animals. The circus animal cruelty statistics and related facts presented in the article should help understand more about this kind of animal abuse in short.
  12. The elephants are huge creatures which roam around in the wild and on an average, travel 25 kms a day. Restricting the movements of these creatures is kind of a torture; it is frustrating for an elephant to spend most of the time except for the training and shows) in a limited space. 
  13. However there are sometimes depictions of cruelty to animals as part of the story line. As offensive as they are, these actions are protected by the Constitution under free speech. Sometimes real animals are not used for such scenes.
  14. The information and statistical data about circus animal cruelty should help understand the exact consequences of this ill-treatment. The torture of circus animals leads to bottling up of the nervous energies and frustration.
  15. The circus animal cruelty article and information in general about animal abuse should help in understanding the suffering of these creatures and the amount of torture and mental stress they have to endure. One should try and act against circus animal cruelty in any and every possible way.
  16. It is not just that animals make the world more scenic or picturesque. The lives of animals are woven into our very being – closer than our own breathing – and our souls will suffer when they are gone.
  17. In most cases, they are not aware of the sufferings inflicted on the performing animals. The circus animal cruelty statistics and related facts presented in the article should help understand more about this kind of animal abuse in short.
  18. If one is aware of the animal cruelty videos on the Internet, he/she would have a better idea of how animals are treated in slaughterhouses. Unintentional neglect by workers in slaughterhouses is one of the common forms of animal cruelty. Hens and small chicks have to live in unhygienic conditions and are crammed together in small spaces.
  19.  As per last heard reports, seal-hunting in this region has reduced to a great extent due to ban imposed by the European Union on import of any kind of seal products. It is considered a great success for people who care about animals and their rights.
  20. The Humane Society of the United States has documented multiple cases of abuse and neglect and cite several reasons for opposing the use of animals in circuses, including confining enclosures, lack of regular veterinary care, abusive training methods and lack of oversight by regulating bodies. 
  21. However, to keep her energy levels high, Vanessa needs a constant stream of souls. If her powers fail, the whole enterprise will tumble like a house of cards. Her servants consist of beautiful, wealthy, young socialites, but only the most attractive, charming and talented women are ever considered worthy of attaining the highest ranks.

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