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24 de novembre de 2014
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Cas Google: impacte global als mitjans de comunicació de les nostres propostes antimonopoli

Dimecres passat l’eurodiputat alemany Andreas Schwabb (CDU) i jo vam fer una roda de premsa al Parlament Europeu sobre les nostres propostes per accelerar la resolució del cas Google, el monopoli del qual en les cerques d’internet a Europa està liquidant les empreses europees (i catalanes: a Barcelona eDreams i Softonic n’estan greument afectades). Us faig a mans seguidament les notícies que ha generat a la premsa internacional l’esmentada roda de premsa, amb menció dels nostres noms: portada al Financial Times del cap de setmana, columna avui al New York Times (on parla del Catalan MEP Ramon Tremosa), The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg, CNN, The Guardian… A Barcelona l’Avui fa fer una molt bona peça dissabte i dijous passat també La Vanguardia en feia una columna. Aquí en teniu tots els links:


Foto FT Portada Google


FINANCIAL TIMES (2a notícia a portada, menció inclosa)

 Can the EU break up Google?


One, suggested by Mr Schwab and Spanish MEP Ramon Tremosa, is a rotation mechanism, which displays Google’s commercial services and their competitors “in the same location and with the same prominence on the search results page.” This move, its proponents say, would be close to the choice of browsers offered to consumers following the Microsoft investigation.

Even so, the inclusion of “unbundling” in the draft motion is politically significant. It shows just how exasperated many MEPs are with Google, just as Mr Almunia’s successor as competition commissioner decides what to do with the anti-trust investigation.




 Another supporter of the resolution, Ramon Tremosa i Balcells, a lawmaker from Catalonia from the Liberal group in the Parliament, said he hoped the final version of the resolution would contain language about separating companies like Google. But he said that other political groups still had to agree to include that language on Monday or Tuesday.

“It’s just an opinion,” Mr. Tremosa said. He said the main purpose of the language on unbundling was to “keep the pressure” on the European Commission to take quick and firm action against Google.





“Enterprises are losing jobs. We have no time to lose. It’s our obligation to put pressure on the commission to act quickly,” said Ramon Tremosa i Balcells, a Spanish member of the European parliament who helped draft the proposal.

 Avui ha sortit en l’edició en paper NYT International, pàgina 17:

Foto NYT2 Google







“It’s a monopoly. It’s killing our technology businesses,” said Ramon Tremosa, a member of parliament who’s authoring the draft measure.




European Parliament may propose Google break-up in draft resolution



Andreas Schwab, the German Christian Democrat lawmaker who co-sponsored the resolution, told Reuters it was “very likely” it would be adopted as both his own center-right group, the largest in parliament, and the main center-left group supported it. Schwab proposed the resolution along with Spanish centrist Ramon Tremosa earlier this week.

In a statement on Wednesday, the two said Google had failed to propose adequate remedies during the antitrust investigation by the commission. Vestager has said she wants time to study the dossier after her predecessor decided against a settlement with Google that would have ended the case.

Google ”continued thereby to suppress competition to the detriment of European consumers and businesses,“ Schwab and Tremosa said.

In a position paper, they cited a number of possible solutions to what they saw as Google’s abusive dominant position in search engines and its ability to drive Internet traffic to favored sites. If these failed, then, they suggested, legislation should be tried.

“In case the proceedings against Google carry on without any satisfying decisions and the current anti-competitive behavior continues to exist, a regulation of the dominant online web search should be envisaged,” they said.





Google, which has more than 90 percent of the search market in many European countries, is facing threats to its business, including a possible Internet copyright levy, that add to a lengthy EU antitrust investigation into allegations that it discriminates against rivals. Lawmakers Andreas Schwab and Ramon Tremosa earlier this week called for legislation if the EU can’t resolve its probe.


En Català: AVUI, bon article d’Albert Segura



Foto Avui Google


La Vanguardia, article de Beatriz Navarro:

Foto LaVang Google


Altres links:
















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