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12 de març de 2023
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Footprints on earth (7)

Listen to the wind as it gently cradles
The yearnings of youth in the rustle!
Teenage hearts are mirroring happiness
In a few instants of peerless joy.
The school is cunning linking home,
In search of waves of brightness,
And a sea of hope in what is to come.
Under woodland pleasant voices resonate
Thousands of sounds that rise up happy faces
Who know that tomorrow will be like today.
Dry leaves are revealing passionate souls
That never fall before inert hurdles.
A young man is greeting Guten Morgen13,
Everywhere understanding becomes a weapon.
13. Good morning in German.

Language is the true key to existence,
Since it is growing epitomes all over.
The life journey takes off full-on,
Very fast towards inland beyond.
A suffering human with a strong soul
Wants to alter everything around.
A sea breeze soaks us up what we are
And blows off improper looks:
Uncertain and distressing breath.
Awful remembrance of prison bars
Chaining smart humans… make us feel sad.
Suddenly, a child watches a white seagull,
And smiles: laughs for a free future.
Our heart is the mirror of infinite universes.

Seeing the blue sky, red clouds giving light
Are telling us the wind of all evils is coming.
It’s a day with all kind of tints,
— Seagull white, carob green, red beet —
The whole world is painted in a very clear tinge.
People’s faces were washed to be gorgeous,
Purest air is still breathed around,
A slight coldness in the atmosphere to properly breath
Our blues, whites and greens take off with good wind,
The reds are stored within our internal universes.
I am the gardener of my home paradise,
I take care of dogs, ducks and goats,
I find out their world, righteous and noble,
Making us take in how wrong we are.

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