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18 de març de 2023
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Footprints on earth (11)

Shall praise good news and sing melodies.
Bye wars and blood, the sea is calm tonight,
Welcome new hymns, true anthems of gaiety.
Not flying on the air, not building the moon on earth,
Walking in beauty like a cloudless night,
Kissing new ways of living in starry climates.
Hopes that my heart does need, all dark shadows it denies.
A mind at peace, whose eyes shine,
Bright of heaven and earth, waves of water purified.
Believe in new ways of acting, behaviours that change oneself
Neighbours learn the ways of becoming friends.
Know what to do in the future, fed up with a bad today
Rid of whatever dirtiness, clean as the water of well.
Hope I can please myself.

I long to express my feelings written on a golden paper,
where I can see my soul emerging and pain nowhere.
I must fly to the sky again, to the lovely star, my friend
As I must find a loving heart and a meaning to my life.
Merry moments come with my journey in this world of hurdles,
Since I’m rid of dreadful sights and know where I’m going.
I must fly to the sky again for the call of the Great Bear,
Where a fairy is often singing beautiful lullabies.
I feel like a child beside the dreamiest toys,
Fantasy everywhere in this fairy place with human roots.
Thus, very soon I can achieve my goal in body and mind.
Everybody will be surprised as my life will be sincere.
I must fly to heaven once, to a true nomadic life
Where only the stars rule: morning, evening and night.

The slave is upset when the yellow moon turns up in the sky.
He is whispering the saddest song of lost freedom.
This is perhaps the last tear in this bloody world.
He is sharpening his tools properly to break chains,
But a shadow is filling in obscure smoke the earth.
The slave is dreaming of being free some day.
All of a sudden, he listens to nice childish tales,
Love battles stained in blue like in happy past.
He shall never forget the purest human feelings,
As he still wants to fight for his rights.
Liberty is just the only path for dignity.
Those times when neighbours were like relatives,
With open doors and the deepest feelings in heart.
Endless tenderness in such a pure life.

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