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23 de maig de 2023
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On the 28th I will vote against Ada Colau.

As a member of the Catalan national minority and a supporter of a state of its own in Europe, I thought to punish with my abstention the parties called Independentists: CUP, PDCAT, ERC, JUNTS for putting their business interests ahead of achievement of an independent state.
But as a resident of Barri de Navas I feel so harmed by the municipal policies of L’Ada Colau and its partner in Barcelona, the PSOE(PSC), that I will finally vote against Colau.
1.- It has cost me so much money to scrap my good car to buy a new one, which uses twice as much fuel but has an ecological label.
2.-Also for the ecological policy, which has been a disaster: Some areas are “pacified” and others “terrorized” by their super-island policy. Due to the increase in pollution in Barcelona, due to the collapse of the rounds with increasingly high levels of CO (carbon monoxide) which makes it inadvisable to drive with children in the car, when there is a collapse of the rounds.
3.- Because of their lack of dialogue: in Paris they consult neighbors about major problems in the city.
4.-To participate in the city concept that Madrid proposes for Barcelona.
5.- To generate expulsion from the city of important sectors of the working middle class.
6.-For its equidistance with respect to Spanish violence, against the Catalan national minority, because as lawyer Boye says: equidistance is complicity.
I know that she is the candidate who has twice chosen the “deep state” (Spanish deep state) as the lesser evil and that it will be difficult to unseat her, but with my vote I want to contribute.

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