Space for Dissent

The Short Summer of Anarchy

Initially devoted myself to research on the world libertarian I read this book should be considered a classic example of innovative historical essay. However, perhaps because my skills were still precarious (although many lies had forgotten I had been taught at the Faculty of Arts), either …READ MORE

Exhibition in Agullana

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the permanent exhibition on exile a few months ago opened Agullana. As the town is part of one of the essential places of memory related to the withdrawal of 1939 with emblematic areas like Mas Perxès as a place of passage of much of the political elite, social and cultural in our country… READ MORE

Pending Utopias

Xose M. Núñez Seixas, Las Utopías pendientes. Una breve historia del mundo desde 1945, Crítica, Barcelona, ​​2015, 383 pp.

Clearly the turbulent years in which we live requires us corresponds to rethink the look back. Historians such as Tony Judt helped us globally reread a world in which a quarter of a century, the Cold War ended and forces us to redefine a new historical account. The great global crisis of 2008 has prompted historians to make new readings of the past and the present… READ MORE

Open letter for Pablo Iglesias

Dear Pablo

A few weeks ago, one of those strange mental connections, thought a lot about you. It will seem a bit strange because it was after an endless transatlantic flight, landing in Vancouver. In the unbearable through customs, I read all the official labeling in English and French. The fact is that Quebec was more than 3,000 kilometers of the city of the Pacific, and although it was not the first time I was in that country, and in the Anglophone area, reflected on the effort put Canadians to maintain union country… READ MORE

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