Honduras: business as usual?

Si es confirma la decisió que va prendre ahir el Comitè del Consell sobre Amèrica Llatina (COLAT) de reprendre les negociacions en favor d’un Acord d’Associació amb Amèrica Central, inclosa Honduras, la UE estarà enviant un preocupant missatge. Un cop més, la política del Business as Usual prima sobre els principis democràtics. Mal senyal, molt mal senyal. És per això que avui hem fet ràpidament la següent nota:

Brussels, 2 September 2009

– EU

Greens deplore Council moves to reopen Association Agreement negotiations with coup government

Yesterday, the COLAT (Council Committee on Latin Americadecided to lift the suspension of negotiations of an Association Agreement with Central American countries, including Honduras. Raül Romeva, Vice-President of the Greens/EFA Group and member of the European Parliament delegation to Central America, and French Green MEP Catherine Grèze commented:

“This decision in Council implicitly endorses the actions of the anti-democratic military coup in Honduras, the first in Central America in many years. The EU condemned the coup in June,
 demanded that ousted President Zelaya be returned to office and suspended Association Agreement negotiations.  If the EU tamely drops its demands a few months later and goes back to business as usual with Honduras,  this will send an open invitation to all anti-democratic forces in the region to return to the dark days of repressive regimes.

No Latin American country has recognised the de facto government of Honduras and the human rights situation has worsened in recent weeks. Against this backdrop, there can be no justification for a U-turn in EU policy that would sideline its professed support for democracy and rule of law. The Greens are calling for the EU Council of 14-15 September to reject COLAT’s decision and to maintain suspension of all its economic, political and diplomatic relations with the coup administration in Honduras until order is returned to the country under the terms of its constitution.”

Font foto: AFP/EFE

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