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Diari d'un eurocomunista del #PSUC

15 de juliol de 2016
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Tot explorant el Negev israelià

The Har HaNegev trail encompasses nature, culture, and history in the stunningly wild setting of the Negev Desert.
Built on ancient and contemporary paths, the trail comprises both old and new. It visits a variety of fantastic ruins and impressive natural sites, as well as diverse, modern towns and communities.
As you wander through the imposing landscape you are sure to meet Bedouins, religious Jews, academics, spiritualists and other travellers. This incredible human mosaic makes Har HaNegev’s cultural geography very distinctive and particularly colorful.
the trail offers a unique experience, fit for anyone ready to be inspired by the wonder of the desert.
● Getting to know the Bedouin traditional way of life.
● A simple and marvelous stroll betwern villages
● Visit fabulous oases
● An encounter with thousands of years of history and culture
● Experience the breathtaking landscape of the desert

El Negev

CANIGÓ, setmanari independent dels Països Catalans

BRAUN, memòries d’una fàbrica / BRAUN, memorias de una fábrica

Stages Map


12 KM  4 hours


16 Km 6 hours


11.8 km 3.5 hours


11.5km 3.5 hours


11.9km 3.5 hours


19.8km 6-7 hours


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