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I think about this video-clip:

– That’s society reversed in calm.
– The space used in time function.  It is slightly jarring, though interesting to note that nobody around her seems to take notice of her admittedly nonconformist behaviour.
– Time practice works on the real time of new technologies, if it wants to or not. The temporary practices leave the historical time, falling on the worldtime.
– So I believe,  there are other calmer uses than the ‘perception fields’ suggested by Paul Virilio . It isn’t only the ‘field of battle’. As far back as the oldest conflicts in human history . 
– Life time can be compressed and reversed, too.  In any order creating different performaces. 

03- january-2009

 Artist: Hye Yeon Nam. 

The winning videos in the Metropolis Art Prize 2009 will be screened on the giant jumbotron monitors in Times Square, New York, on December 17 2009. The event is open to the public, so if you’re in the area, come along! 

To find out more, visit the Art Prize page

Space takes on multiple definitions. For me, I understand space as the sum of cultural and social forces that act on me. Through the space, my body feels all changes around me instantly and intimately. When I move from Korea to the United States, my body became a gauge that felt my displacement and recognized not only the conformity inflicted on me in the United States, but it also allowed me to deconstruct the rule from my hometown that I had taken for granted as normal. In my video piece, I attempt to convey the feeling of displacement and conformity by acting of walking. I perform walking forward and other people seem to be walking backward. However, I was walking backward in the real scene and I made it simply reversed. The space of being neither here following correct rule nor there following incorrect rule is precisely what I try to convey in this video. I finished NYC Time Square version and will make Portugal version next week. It will continue in several cities. 

If you want to keep on reading about this experience just click on “Vull llegir la resta…”

Thinking against Paul Virilio: Logistics of perception

In contemporary warfare, logistics does not just imply the movement of personnel, tanks, fuel and so on but also implies the movement of images both to and from the battlefield. Virilio talks a lot about the creation of CNN and the concept of the newshound. The newshound will capture images which will then be sent to CNN, which may then be broadcast to the public. This movement of images can start a conflict (Virilio uses the example of the events following the broadcasting of the Rodney King footage). The logistics of perception also relates to the televising of military maneuvers and the images of conflict that are watched not only by people at home but also by the military personnel involved in the conflict. The ‘field of battle’ also exists as a ‘field of perception’.

We’re trying to find the happiness state.

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