M⊡dular (Honorable Mention). Mòduls x COVID-19

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We have just received an Honorable Mention from Italy for this job.

“Nowadays the human being is suffering a pandemic disease (COVID-19) with huge devasted consequences.

Designers and manufacturers must be committed to providing support in this emergency situation.

The idea was born small drawings which show here:


The modular design M⊡. 






The modular design MO. is characterized by its flexibility, fluidity, and convertibility to be

a workspace, a domestic environment, a small living room within an exhibition, or a

multiple emergency module.

The main idea of the design is based on the inverse symmetry that implements the

separation of each patient and provides functionality to the set, providing not only the

necessary comforts to patients but also the needs required by healthcare professionals.

MO. begins from a grill of 600 x 600 cm x 300 cm, by a Dutch pattern 30 x 30 cm in both


We are choosing to develop the last option so that it can be used in these cases. It is

centered on a module, but the organization and interconnection between the pieces are

possible by creating lattice systems for the development of a continuous modular

building since we are seeing large spaces these days to care for infected patients.


These modules are made using a wood reticular system 6×6 by Cesare Roversi. We want

to study the behavior of materials, especially wood, in relation to the virus COVID-19.

There are several reasons to believe that its behavior against the virus is better

compared to steel or plastic.

After doing some research we have discovered that the virus lifetime lasts three to four

days on those surfaces, but on wood, fabrics, or paper it only survives between one to two

days. Moreover, COVID-19 just lives 4 hours on a copper surface, but cuprous oxide paints

and coating are toxic.







The first idea when you think of an emergency module is cold, lonely, bed-filled spaces with no privacy.


A cross in the centre of the composition organizes the space in four rooms.

Each room can be used for a different activity with privacy but, at the same time, giving

fluidity and flexibility to the spaces so that the medical attention could be as fast as


The program contains two rooms with beds, sanitary material and support furniture for

both patients and employers. It also contains a restroom for staff and for family visitors.

All this in a warm environment with kind materials and vegetation that acts as a filter

and contributed to creating a positive atmosphere.

Finally, there is a meeting space with controlled lighting and acoustic materials to

respect privacy.

The design also incorporates a fabric curtain with guides to offer privacy to patients.






Because of this, the solution we offer is to varnish the wood with a

copper-based natural essential oil, improving our wooden material design by covering it

with a varnish composed of thymol plant around 1’6 %.

The Square: This aspect creates tension between the planets and points involved. Tension is necessary in order to stimulate action, but too much tension translates to stress.                          The planets involved in a square are acting at cross purposes.                                                         With squares, we may overdo and run into countless obstacles before we “get it right”. However, squares force us out of complacency and get the ball rolling. Squares are often more difficult when we are young, as these aspects force us to grow and learn our lessons.
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