“Architecture is not art” says Patrick Schumacher, Director of Zaha Hadid Architects

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Missatge de deserció social des de la líder de l’arquitectura aspargèrica arran de la Biennal de Venècia comissionada per  Rem Koolhaas

“STOP political correctness in architecture. But also: STOP confusing architecture and art.
Architects are in charge of the FORM of the built environment, not its content. We need to grasp this and run with this despite all the (ultimately conservative) moralizing political correctness that is trying to paralyse us with bad conscience and arrest our explorations if we cannot instantly demonstrate a manifest tangible benefit for the poor – as if the delivery of social justice is the architect’s competency. Unfortunately all the prizes given by the last architecture biennale where motivated by this misguided political correctness. STOP political correctness in architecture! And yet, architecture is not a l’art pour l’art discipline. Architecture is NOT ART although FORM is our specific contribution to the evolution of world society. We need to understand how new forms can make a difference for the progress of world civilisation. I believe today this implies the intensification of communicative interaction with a heightened sense of being connected within a complex, variegated spatial order where all spaces resonate and communicate with each other via associative logics.”


(Cliqueu sobre la foto per a veure el moviment sense propòsit social)

Tothom sabem fer formes, o no?

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