Jaume Vall

Anglès. INTERMEDIATE-I Vocabulary 1200 + Irregular Verbs

Afegim uns centenars de mots, per assolir una base suficient per al dia a dia.



Able, about, above, abroad, accept, ache, accuse, action, add, address, admit, afford, afraid, after, again, against, age, ago, agree, air, alive, all, alone, allow, almond, almost, already, also, although, always, among, anger, ankle, annoy, another, answer, ant, anyway, ape, apologize, apple, apricot, apron, argue, arm, around, arrange, arrive, arrow, ash, ask, aunt, avoid, away, aware, awful, 54


Back, bad, bag, bake, ball, bark(x2), barley, basket, bath, battle, bay, be, beach, bear(X2), beard, beast, beat, beauty, because, become, bed, bee, beer, before, begin, behind, believe, bell, below, belt, berry, between, beyond, big, bike, bill, bird, birth, bishop, bitter, black, blame, block, blond, blood, blow, blue, blush, boast, boat, body, bone, book, boot, born, borrow, boss, both, bottle, bottom, bounce, boundary, bow, bowl, box, boy, brain, bread, break, breakfast, breast, breathe, brick, bridge, brim, bring, brother, brown, build, bull, bunch, bundle, burn, business, butter, buy, bye 85


Cake, call, candle, car, card, care, carpet, carrot, carry, cartoon, case(X2), cash, castle, cat, celery, cell(phone), chain, chair, chance, change, cheap, cheek, cheese, cheetah, cherry, chess, chest, chicken, child, children, chin, choose, church, circle, citizen, city, class, clean, clear, clever, clock, close, clothes, cloud, coast, coat, cod, coin, cold, comb, come, complain, computer, congratulations, cook, cool, corn, corner, cost, cotton, council, count, country, couple, cow, crash, crazy, crew, cross, crowd, crumb, cry, cub, cup, cut , 75


Dance, danger, dare, dark, date(x2), daughter, dawn, day, deal, dear, death*, decrease, deep, deer, degree, dessert, desk, dessert, develop, devil, die, difficult, dig, dinner, dirty, disagree, dish, dive, do, dog, doll, door, dot, dove, down, draw(X2), drawer, dream, dress, drink, drive, drop(X2), drug, duck, during, dust, 46.


Each, eagle, ear, earn, earth, ease*, eat, edge, egg, either, elbow, elder*, eldest*, end, engine, enjoy, enough, environment, erase, eve, even, evening, ever, every, evil, expect, expensive, explain, eye, eyebrow, eyelash, eyelid, 32


Face, fact, fail, fair(x2), faith, fall, false, family, far, farm, fashion, fast(x2), fat, father, fear, feather, feed, feel, female, fence, few, field, fight, fill, find, fine(x2) finger, finish, fire, fish, fit, fix, flag, flat, flee, fly, floor, flower, fog, follow, food, fool, foot, forbid, force, forest, forget, forgive, fork, form, fox, free*, freeze*, fridge, friend, frighten, frog, front*, fruit, full, fun, 61


Game, garden, garlic, gate, get, ghost, gift, girl, give, glad, glass, glasses, glove, go, goal, goat, god, gold, good, grandchildren, granddaughter, grandfather, grandmother, grandparents, grandson, grape, grass, great, greet, green, grey, grind, ground, grow, gun, guy, 37


Hair, half, ham, hammer, hand, happen, happiness*, hard, harvest, hat, hate, have, hazelnut, head, health, hear, heart, heat, heaven, heavy, hell, help, here, hide, high, hill, hip, hit, hold, hole, holy, holiday, home, honey, hook, hood, hope, horse, host, hot, hour, house, hug, huge, humble, hunger*, hunt, hurry, hurt, husband, 50


Ice, idle, igloo, ill, improve, increase, injury, ink, inside, instead, involve, iron, island, item, 14


Jail, jam(x2), jar, jaw, jelly, jewel, job, joke, join, journey, joy, judge, jug, juice, jump, just ,16


Keen, keep, kernel, key, kick, kid, kidney, kind(x2), king, kill, kiss, kit, kitchen, kite, knee, knife, knock, know*, 18


Label, lady, lake, lamp, land, large, last(x2), late, laugh, law, lay, lazy, lead(x2), leaf, leak, learn, least, leave, left, leg, lemon, lend, less, let, letter, lettuce, level, lie(x2), life, light, like, line, lion, lip, listen, little, live, liver, lobster, long, look, lose, lot, loud, love, low, luck, luggage, lunch, lung, 50


Mad, magnet, make, mail, main, male, mammal, man, many, marble, market, marry, match(x2), may*(x2), maybe, mayor, meal, mean(x2), meat, meet, melon, melt, mess, middle, midnight, might, milk, mind(x2), mint, mirror, miss, mistake, mix, mobile, money, monkey, month, moon, morning, mother, mountain, mouse, mouth, move, movie, much, murder, mushroom, mussel, must, 50


Nail, naked, name, napkin, narrow, nation, navy, near, nearly, neck, need, needle, neighbour, neither*, nephew, nest, net, never, new, news, next, nice, niece, night, nightmare, nod, noise, noon, nose, nothing, now, number, nun, nurse, nut(X2), 35.


Oak, oat, octopus, odd, odyssey, off, offal, office, often, oil, old, omelet, on, once, one, onion, only, open, orange, order, ostrich, other, ought, out, oven, over, owl, own, ox, oyster, 30.


Pack, pain, paint, pair, palm, pan, park, parrot, parsley, part, party(x2) past, path, pay, pea, peace, peach, peak, peanut, pear, pearl, peel, pen, pencil, penguin, people*, pepper, pheasant, phone, picture, pie, piece, pig, pigeon, pill, pillow, pine, pineapple, pink, place, plan, plane, play, please, plenty, plum, pocket, point, poison, polite, pool, poor, post, potato, pot*, pound, powder, power, prawn, praise, pray, present(x2), press, pretend, pretty, prevent, price, pride, prince, print, prisoner, private, prize, problem, promise, proof, proud, pull, punish, puppet, purple, purpose, purse, push, put, pawn, 86.


Quality, quarrel, quarter, queen, question, queue, quick, quicksand, quicksilver, quiet, quince, quit, quite, quiz, quote, 15.


Rabbit, raccoon, race(x2), radish, rail, rain*, raise, raw, ray, reach, read, ready, realize, really, reason, recipe, red, refuse, regards, regret, relationship, reliable, remain, remember, remind, remove, renew, report, reply, rescue, research, rest, reward, rib, ribbon, rice, rich, ride, right(x2), ring, rip, rise, river, road, rob, robin, rock, rocket, roll, roof, room, root, rope, rough, round, rug, rule*, run, rub*, rye, 60


Sack, sad, safe, sail, salad, salt, same, sand, sausage, save, say, school, scissors, sea, seal, search, season(X2), seat, see, seed, seem, self, sell, send, sentence, set, several, sew, shadow, shake, shame, shape, share, shark, sharp, sheep, sheet, shelf, shell, shine, ship, shirt, shoe, shoot, shop, short, shoulder, shout, show, shower, shrimp, shut*, sick, side*, sight*, silk, silver, sin, since, sing, single, sister, sit, size, skin, skill, skirt, skull, sky, slave, sleep, sleeve, slice, slide, slight, slim, slow, small, smell, smile, smoke, smooth, snail, snake, snore, snow, soap, sock, soft, solve, some, son, song, soon, sorry, soul, sound, soup, souvenir, space, sparrow, speak, speech, speed, spell, spend, spice, spider, sport, spoon, spot, spread, square, squid, squirrel, stain, stair, stand, star, start, state, stay, steal, steel, step, still, sting, stone, stop, storm, store, story, strawberry, stream, street, strike(x2), strong, sudden, sugar, suit*, sun, sure, surface, survey, swallow(x2), sweat, sweep, sweet, swim, swing, 150


Table, tag, tail, tailor, take, tale, tall, talk, tangerine, tape, target, tap, taste, tax, tea, teach, tear(x2), tell, team, thank, then, there, thick, thigh, thief, thin, thing, think, thirsty, thought, throat, throw, thumb, thunder, tie, tide, tiger, tiny, time, tip, tired, toast, today, toe, together, tomato, tomorrow, tongue, too(x2), tool, tooth, top, touch, towel, tower, town, toy, trade, train, travel, tray, tree, trial, trick, trip, troop, trouble, trousers, truth*, trust, try, turkey, turn, turtle, twist, 75


Ugly, umbrella, uncle, under, understand, undertake, underwear, university, unless, until, unwind, upset, update, use, 14


Vaccine, vain, valley, van, vast, veal, vegetable, vein, velvet, very, view, village, voice, volunteer, vow, vowel, 16


Waist, wait, wake, walk, wall, wallet, walnut, want, war*, warm, warn, wash, wasp, waste, watch(x2), water, wave, wax, way, weak, week, wealth, weapon, wear, weather, web, wedding, weight, welcome, well(x2) wet, whale, wheat, wheel, while, white, whole, wide, widow, wife, wild, will(x2), win, wind, wine, wing, window, wise*, wish, with/without, witness, wolf, woman, wonder(x2), wood, wool, word, work, world, worry, wound, write, wrist, wrong, 65


Yard, yacht, yawn, year, yellow, yesterday, yet, yield, yoghurt, yolk, youth, yummy, 12


Zap, Zebra, Zealot, Zero, Zest, Zigzag, Zip, Zoom, 8


Total words : 1.111


Plus, other groups of words:

Ant, Bear, Bee, Bull, Butterfly, Camel, Cheetah, Chimpanzee, Cow, Cod, Crocodile, Donkey, Dolphin, Duck, Eagle, Elephant, Fly, Goat, Giraffe, Gorilla, Horse, Lion, Monkey, Octopus, Ox, Parrot, Pig, Seal, Sheep, Snake, Spider, Squid, Tiger, Vulture, Wolf.

Apple, Apricot, Bean, Berry, Carrot, Celery, Cherry, Garlic, Lemon, Lettuce, Melon, Onion, Orange, Pea, Pear, Peach, Pepper, Potato, Radish, Strawberry, Tomato, Watermelon,

Taste, Sight, Hearing, Feel, Smell. Blind, Deaf, Mute, Numb.
Height, Health, Hunger, Thirst, Wealth, Weight, Youth.

Always, Usually, Frequently, Often, Sometimes, Seldom, Hardly ever, Rarely, Never.

Although, Despite, Forward, However, In spite of, Nevertheless, Otherwise, Then, Though, Throught, Towards, Unless,

Alike, Amazing, amazed, Amusing, amused, Annoying, annoyed, Awake, (awakened), Boring, bored, Bright, Courageous, Delayed, Delightful, Disgusting, disgusted, Eager, Easy, Empty, Excited, exciting, Filthy, Foolish, Frightening, frightened, Grateful, Gloomy, Guilty, Hungry, Marvellous, Organized, Pleasant, Pleasing, Pleased, Relieved, Spotless, Successful, Tiring, Tired, Tireless, True, Ungrateful, Valuable, Vibrant, Weary, Worthy,

Awfully, Badly, Bitterly, Casually, Clearly, Commonly, Completely, Comfortably, Deadly, Deeply, Difficultly, Dramatically, Early, Easily, Emotionally, Extremely, Financially, Frankly, Generally, Hugely, Incredibly, Marvellously, Obviously, Plainly, Pretty, Reasonably, Ridiculously, Seriously, Surprisingly, Terribly, Totally, Wonderfully

Artist, Baker, Banker, Bricklayer, Builder, Butcher, Carpenter, Cashier, Civil Servant, Cook, Cosmonaut, Driver, Fireman, Hairdresser, Hotel Attendant, Journalist, Judge, Lawyer, Mayor, Mechanic, Musician, Nurse, Officer, Painter, Plumber, Policeman, Politician, Sailor, Scientist, Shop Assistant, Smith, Surgeon, Tailor, Teacher, Waiter, Writer.


—————————————— juliol 2019 ——————————————-



Ara llistem la segona tanda de verbs irregulars, d’aquest nivell 2.


Base Form




Past Simple




Past Participle

(amb auxiliar, “have”)



awake awoke awoken despertar-se
beat beat beaten bategar, batre
become became become esdevenir, tornar-se
bleed bled bled sagnar
blow blew blown bufar, inflar
burn burnt/burned burnt/burned cremar
cost cost cost costar
dream dreamt/dreamed dreamt/dreamed somniar
fight fought fought lluitar
forgive forgave forgiven perdonar








hide hid hidden amagar
hit hit hit colpejar
hold held held sostenirr
hurt hurt hurt ferir
keep kept kept mantenir, guardar
leave left left abandonar
light lit/lighted lit/lighted il·luminar, encendre
may might
mean meant meant significar
meet met met trobar-se, reunir-se
must had to
send sent sent enviar
set set set establir, col·ocar
shall should  
shut shut shut tancar
sit sat sat seure
sleep slept slept dormir
smell smelt smelt olorar
spell spelt/spelled spelt/spelled deletrejar
steal stole stolen robar
stick stuck stuck adherir-se, estar enganxat
swim swam swum nedar
tell told told dir
throw threw thrown llençar
wake woke woken despertar
wear wore worn portar (al damunt)


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