Jaume Vall

Homage (to ANC)

Here is a little homage to the people who work together and peacefully for a better country, Catalonia. To the ordinary people that spend time, energy, and some money to make possible a referendum next November 9th.  Because catalans want to vote, to decide their future. Let’s do it.

The  english lyrics of a  catalan version  of Springsteen’s song  American Land:


Cataland  Land

This is our loving soil, this Catalonia land,

it exists to become free,  and free the citizens,

it has been a crossroads of  greeks, romans and gauls,

sometimes welcoming ones, sometimes a deal of blood.


The sixties, promised land, and waiting for 75,

amnesty, freedom, and some loses through the way,

in the fields, in the scaffold, in Seat and Nissan,

succes like in “castellers”, the strength of many hands.


“See you no more, señoritos”, and the big wish to emigrate,

bundle, simple cases , and the hurry for job and dignity,

crowded trains   flowing  to Cornellà and Hospitalet,

new people to get to know,  a new land to work and love.


A  new land  with three crests,  four plains , and five ports,

with the stgrength of the García, the Fuentes, and Llauradós,

of the Xiulong, the Bergamasco, the Ahmed , the Stoickov,

for their wisdom, their sweat, their accent, and their work.


The China, the Indostan, open shops until the night,

there’s risk on the scaffold, there are men from the Magrib,

to support aunt Carmetes, it’s the arms from Equador,

and so many good salads, with Subsaharian colour.


You the ones with loyal heart, and callousity on the hands

enjoy prosperity ,  be happy , and share the spring with us,

and take part in the fight when the matter it’s dignity,

language, history and laws, the resources and the flag.


We are about the crossroads, pedagogy it’s over,

a brand  new century for all , a full-blown nation for us;

And to the ones who prefer us  be   failed, and be fallen,

we’ll  wave  -free-  the senyera, we’re going to stand up.


Bye-bye “España una y grande, adiós toritos bravos”,

now  let’s open every window , it’s time to breathe it deep,

never again  we want tutelages,  we are sensible and wise,

we’ll risk in fully freedom, we’ll succeed and it will be great.


This  is our loving soil, this Catalonia land,

it exists to become free and free the citizens,

we won’t accept tutelage, no more, we have sense, and we’ve grown,

freedom is what we want, for our Catalonia land.


Adapted from de song  “American Land”  by  Bruce Springsteen 

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