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6 de juny de 2024
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The amnesty is here, but the genocide of the Catalan national minority continues.

The term genocide was defined for the first time in the book Axis Rule in Occupied Europe published in the United States in 1944. (Wikipedia, see “genocide”)
Raphael Lemkin, the “father” of the concept, defined it like this:

“The implementation of coordinated actions that tend to destroy the decisive elements of the life of national groups, with the aim of their annihilation.”

Declaration: the language makes us Catalans an “Objectively Identifiable Group”, which lives on the western Mediterranean coast, the eastern Pyrenees and the plains north of them and also on the western islands of the Mediterranean. Therefore, our language is the “decisive element” that Lemkin, the creator of the concept, speaks of.

Some real examples of genocide in Catalan lands…….

Case 1: A father who acts in coordination with the Spanish political parties and the judiciary, to reduce the presence of Catalan in schools.

Case 2: A political party created in Catalonia to eliminate the presence of Catalan in society in general. (C’s, political party in the trance of its disappearance, fortunately)

Case 3: The Spanish left-wing parties that look the other way when Catalan is persecuted, the “decisive element” that defines the Catalan National Minority.

Case 4: Judges who constantly hinder the use of Catalan by users or victims in judicial proceedings.

Case 5: Administrative measures against children’s magazines in Catalan: “Camacuc” magazine case and others.

Case 6: Spanish minister who designs policies to “Spanishize” Catalan children.

Case 7: A president of the Barcelona Football Club (D. Sandro Rosell) is serving two years of preventive detention for having allowed the “Vía Catalana” to pass through the Barça stadium.

Case 8: In application of the amnesty law of 2024, the number of economic sanctions applied under the Gag Law has been known. They affect tens of thousands of citizens of the Catalan national minority in the last 10 years.

Case 9: The NGO “Plataforma per la llengua” has received nearly 2,500 complaints of people assaulted in 2023, in various ways, for speaking Catalan.

Conclusion: Coexistence with the Castilians is not possible, not even in the world of Spanish football.

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