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La indústria de matar (65daysofstatic)

Publicat el 21 de febrer de 2009 per frap

65daysofstatic cancel·len la seva actuació a un festival perquè aquest ha acceptat l’esponsorització d’una empresa de fabricació d’armes:

“We are not playing because the festival has recently decided to accept
sponsorship from the world’s third largest arms manufacturer, BAE
Systems. This was not the case when we confirmed the show, and the
festival promoters have regretfully decided they cannot change the
situation at this late stage. BAE Systems are an arms company. They
make things to kill people with and we cannot have dealings with them:

Radio Protector

  1. 65daysofstatic cancellation

    “Due to concerns arising from recent implications I regrettably wish
    we’d observed right away, 65daysofstatic can no longer play the show in

    We apologise to 65dos for possible implications projected
    and of course to 65dos fans who were looking forward to seeing them
    play in Barrow, unfortunately we just want to put on a music and art
    show and hadn’t thought about the possibility of the situation that has
    evolved, mainly through being so incredibly busy organising the event along
    with the day jobs etc.

    There is no party at fault and we completely respect
    65dos decision, 65dos have been fantastic with us. The rest of the show
    will continue as planned.”

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