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Per què som tan sedentaris?

Why is it so easy to drop out from physical exercise programs that we had so willingly engaged, just a few weeks ago? Although many people say they like and enjoy physical activity, less than 30% of the european population … Continua llegint

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Poden guanyar un debat tots els candidats alhora?

After a public election debate surveys often indicate multiple winners. How is this possible if everyone has been watching the very same debate? What makes each participant‘s supporters believe it is their candidate who has emerged victorious? The study of … Continua llegint

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Using Just 10% of Your Brain?

Psychology professors Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons discusse these and other “neuromyths”. You should read ir, specially if you believe that: – Environments rich in stimuli improve the brains of preschool children. – Individuals learn better when they receive information … Continua llegint

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Why we have not evolved in over 10.000 years?

Most of the work in evolutionary psychology shows that we are essentially still acting as if we’re hunter/gatherers in Africa. Satoshi Kanazawa explains why in this interview.It’s open for discussion.

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Entrevista a Richard Dawkins

Un dels més coneguts i eficients divulgadors de l’evolucionisme parla -amb la claredat que és habitual en ell- de temes polèmics com la consciència, la psicologia evolucionista o la religió. “Per a molta gent … el que cal fer és … Continua llegint

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