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23 de març de 2023
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Footprints on earth (15)

Full of salinity the immense sea enters me.
My salty breath, reminiscent of ardent perfumes
And forgotten cravings in my own self.
I feel the goal of night, the ruined clarity of a moment,
Portions of hopes, while a starless heart, moonlight,
Blurred feelings against a wall, like a powerless jail.
Fear dominates, fright, mischievous words find their way.
A strong feeling confine in a shambolic summer evening.
Forgotten memories return like an avalanche of anxieties.
Sick and exhausted eyes, an ill-mannered heart.
Disabled sunlight, subtle recreation of a serious dilemma,
At a time scratching fervent body passions
Whilst a problem prevents from serenity.
Seawater becomes again healthy medicine.

Maybe everything is only an unrevealed dream of souls,
Foam delusions, too smelly love perfumes
To fuddle gums and lips during a fervid night
Madly consumed among blankets.
An exemplary mirage unexpectedly alters loving relapses
About indissoluble consummate dreams.
A love maze was overflowing, beyond love: a purer life.
Now in my world, we are set forth
So many hidden and ignored things.
Everything being conquered and sweetly delivered
With resistance, with unattainable pleasure.
After the storm — that broke the latitudes of existence — ,
As on an island, our dead remain, last refuge of living.
Now, at dusk time, light enters without borders.

This rainy autumn makes me feel infinite desires
To compose a hopeful poem with reunited purposes.
I’m keen on talking about rain, the wet warmth of a grey day.
Rain caresses the glasses drop by drop by a good fire.
I long to write down feelings to liberate my inner world,
Navigate among seas of family beautiful dreams,
Listen to exciting music with lyrics full of revolt,
Read stories of Phoenicians and Romans who made history,
Watch soap operas on TV portraying not hidden loves,
Enjoy chats with friends who talk about art,
Walk along my village quietly with my kids on a Sunday,
A meal watered with good local wine and a long relaxing nap.
Rain knows how to shake off perennial spiritual chasm,
Leading the human story beautifully built

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