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22 de març de 2023
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Footprints on earth (14)

Fate is the innate force of destiny.
A steel game guiding us along stone wipe paths,
Resting at solitary dead end alleyways.
We know how to enjoy night with right silence,
— Shadows caressing cots full of life —
— Lengthened dim Lights in waterless fields — .
We can appreciate when evil is coming,
Pushing precipices and gathering everlasting ruins.
We call for concord, seeing widespread damage in traps
With malicious shrapnel engendering blood.
We lump the inert talk of a world of tears,
So understand the heated cry of a summer evening.
And the mate nearby brings peace with words.
And the friend elsewhere knows the language of austere sounds.

Thousands of doubts seize our inner world
Caressing the culture, the ancestral language,
Born with the innate presence of talk,
With firm roots and Medieval glamour.
Charm words embracing the nature of earth.
And the sound of Provençal Occitan16 fills in the spirit
As an emblem of history capturing a great deal of feelings.
The recreation of our ancestors chats
Full of cleverness rooted in humid rice fields.
Young children are whistling all type of new sounds,
Virgin nature is the earthy paradise.
The globe gets voiced with indigenous language
In a long narrow land, from Perpignan17 to the Segura18 banks,
Formentera gorgeous island, and Alghero19 in heavenly Sardinia.
16. It is a language spoken in Provence, a historical medieval nation in the
south of the current French State.
17. It’s a Catalan city situated in Roussillon. The limits of the Catalan Language
from North to South are: Northern Catalonia in the South of the French State,
the Segura river in the south of the Alicante district, and then the Balearic
islands and the town of Alghero, in Sardinia.
18. It is a river in the south of the Alicante district and north of Murcia.
19. It is a touristic town on the island of Sardinia where Catalan is spoken.

Evening caught us along the river bank that spurred our lives.
We reason our future path eagerly, against altering regrets
As currently our mind and soul are serene.
We can listen to the sigh of a sleeping child.
A few free sunset chants turn on warm burning illusions.
New silences will take in the flame, forging new days of hope.
The movement of leaves makes a tree cling to humid ground
Getting the charm of a new cycle of clear life,
Not obscure death, but still albino LIFE.
In a sunny day I’ll be setting my sorrows aside
Moving away from sudden nearby riskiness,
In everlasting search for whole firm moments
Getting rid of complexes for anything.
My body will feel the pleasure of infinity.

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