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15 de març de 2023
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Footprints on earth (10)

Path guiding my steps with healthiest horizon,
As longings that life is building with the hope
To belong to a nation that believes in its roots.
We delivered the alphabet of austere sounds,
This land with clear thrusts invokes the river’s echo.
This country keeping the native language
As a treasure with thousand values.
Our land is alive, innate roots and deep esteem.
A conversation is the jewel caressing my heart.
Dark work, the slight clamour of spirit, silence and light,
A human vestige remembering all the time who I am,
A battle of free beliefs with wonderful praise,
A free land, a loving family, a few days of joy,
Are the gift of existence, today, forever more…Tomorrow.

When the early night falls upon town
Light always flies unstoppable
And stands above in hill’s eyes
Peace reigns thoroughly in the park
And birds sing in beautiful dreams
With most tender words and kissed.
Quiet is a cloudless night,
The stars do move and shine
While everyone sleeps tenderly
Apart from me, the strangest one
I am totally awake and see
The yellowy moon watching life go by
There is no way of avoiding
The rarest feelings at night.

Where you see that narrow path of flowers,
In one of those instants of deep shyness,
The world is vanishing too fast,
As if there were no more to fulfil.
The quiet of the moment is taking its place.
Later we are no longer going anywhere.
Borders you find wherever you want to cross,
And a useless waterless well —
Emptiness can be felt everywhere,
Shadows in what used to be a world of lights
Cruelty gets mixed with tenderness
Just flying above our barehead.
I will never know what happens
When beauty does become ugliness

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