Poem Footprints (4)

Now and forever human silences were broken
Anchored in everlasting evocations.
Waters splashed purities in immense waves of night,
As fragances with endless smells.
We were robbed of a time without a future.
We slept without thinking for long times.
Dreams with bad memories are not worth.
We made badges of noble sacrifices.
We revived the greatest ancestral languages
Dark mists had faded into eyelids.
Castaway mourners drag too many reminencences.
Winter already became a warm fragrance.
Time is no longer a sad remembrance.
As we keep in mind everything we want.

We were strolling along a busy avenue,
– Lots of faces and windows and lights -,
Staring discreetly at everything nearby.
We are not sojourning in pernicious caves,
Those ancient hells ruled by injurious winners.
Some poems recall the greatest sorrows,
Sharpening all the tools of fear,
And singing the enduring nostalgias,
With open hearts towards more blue skies.
No way do swindled times return,
Down in the deepest well of earth,
Forgotten in real lives, so as to say.
But peoples and cultures are emblems,
of incombustible, immortal forces.

Swirls with immeasurable distant cadences,
Bring back sublime music from the past,
Mozart – my friend – genius of the Danube,
Dragging echoes of lustless times,
Mirror of evenings caressed by a heater
Engendering conversation in fall months.
The warmth of the river is awakening
Us from perennial stumbling.
That’s when I feel time is flying through heights!
Reviving in me the southern star
Who gets moved with house lyrics.
That’s when we get into constant motion,
We overcome grudges anchored behind blinds,
and we shout: Long live to people!

Step by step, on our patient secure walk,
Just taking a look at our challenging hereafter,
Bustling forever on, no worries any more.
A great deal of barriers are vanishing
At an instant of shared delight,
Sugared by always happy beings’ breath.
Tender sound of water in complacent soaking,
Happy souls are jumping all the time,
Building castles in purest air
Chatting with the world with nicest voice.
We take off everywhere with an inert stride
Awakening all kind of nourished sensations
As an infinite yearning for a land
That knows for certain where it goes.

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