easy approach to phrasal verbs


Today we are going to study “THE PARTICLE OVER”  in three verbs from the Top

100 List.

There verbs are: fall over, get over, turn over 

USE :                                               Example                                                                   
1. Direction above a place         the aeroplanes flew over                                      
2. Direction from A to B              she took the boxes over                                       
3. Completion (thoroughness   he read the book over carefully  

To fall over:

Meaning: if a computer program falls over it stops working
Example:  encyclopedia entry for this meaning fell over
USE: completion (thoroughness)

To get over: 

Meaning: to find a  way to solve or deal with a difficult problem.
Example: there are many obstacled to get over before the new restaurant can open
USE: direction from A to B + metaphorical, completion

To turn over: 

Meaning: to turn something over such as a page in a book or a sheet of paper so that the other side is towards you 
Example: you may turn over your exams papers now
USE: direction from A to B 

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