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Today we begin to study the use of the particle “OFF” in  three phrasal verbs:

These verbs are: To cut off, to drop off, to get off

USES                                                     EXAMPLES
1. in an outward & downward direction       The bus stopped and we got off
2. in a generally outward direction               The aeroplane took off
3. in an outward but unspecified direction  She went off on her own
4. separation                                                     He cut some slices off the sausage
5. delineation, demarcation                           They marked the place off with white                                                                              paint
6. termination, elimination                            They called the meeting off


To cut off:

Meaning: to remove something by cutting it
“Cut the tops off the carrots” 
USE: separation

To drop off: 

Meaning: to take someone top a place in a car, usually without getting out of the car yourself
“I’m  driving into town – can I drop you off somewhere?
USE: in an outward and downward direction

To get off:

Meaning: to leave a bus, a plane or train
“The bus stopped and we got off”
USE:in an downward and outward direction

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