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THE WAVES:  page 7

In this page, there are fivephrasals verbs: burst out, spread up, screw up, and carry off.

To burst out
Meaning: suddenly say or shout something
Text: ” … to comfort her when she bursts out”
USE: Emphasis

To spread out:
Meaning: put in a wide area
Text: ”  Susan has spread her anguish out”
USE: distribution

To screw up:
Meaning: make something into a smaller shape by squeezing it.
Text:” put down  your handkerchief screwed”
USE: completion

To carry off:
Meaning: to dial successfully with  something difficlut
Text: ” the beetle too carrying off ...”
USE: in a outward but unspecified direction

To break up:
Meaning: break something into pieced
Text:” …will break up thus knot…”
USE: completion


door with her handkerchief screwed into a ball. She was not crying, but her eyes, which were so beatiful, were narrow as cats’eyes before they spring. I shall follow her, Neville. I shall go gently nbehind her, to be at hand, with my curiosity, to comfort her when she bursts out in a rage and thinks, “I am alone.”
   “Now she walks across the field with a swing, nonchalantly, to deceive us. Then she comes to the dip; she thinks she is unseen; she beginsto run with her fists clenched in front of her. Ner nails meet in the ball of her pocket-handkerchief. She is making for the beech woods out of the light. She spreads her arms as she comes to them and takes to the  shade like a swimmer. But  she is blind after the light and trips and flings herself down on the roots under the trees, where the light seems to pant in and out, in and out. The branches heave up and down. There is agitation and trouble there. There is gloom. The light is fitful. There is anguish here. The roots make a skeleton on the ground, with dead leaves heaped in the angles. Susan has spread her anguish out. Her pocket handkerchief is laid on the roots of the beech trees and she sobs, sitting crumpled where she has fallen.”
   “I saw her kiss him,” said Susan. “I looked between the leaves and saw her.She danced in flecked with diamonds light as dust. And I am squat, Bernard, I am short. I have eyes that look close to the ground and see insects in the grass. The yellow warmth in my side turned to stone I saw Jinny kiss Louis. I shall eat grass and die in a ditch in the brown water where dead leaves have rotted.”   “I saw you go,” said Bernard. “As you passed the door of the tool-house I heard you cry. I am unhappy.” I put down my knife. I was making boats out of firewood with Neville. And my hair is untidy, because when Mrs Constable told me to brush it there was a fly in a web, and I asked, “Shall I free the fly? Shall I let the fly be eaten?” So I am late always. My hair is unbrushed and these chips of wood stick in it. When I heard you cry I followed you, and ssaw you put down your handkerchief, screwed up, with its rage, with its hate, knotted in it. But soon that will cease. Our bodies are close now. You hear me breathe. You see the beetle too carrying  off a leaf on its back. It runs this way, then that way, so that even your desire while you watch the beetle, to possess one single thing (it is Louis now), must waver, like the light in and out of the beech leaves; and then words, moving darkly in the  depths of youyr mind. will break up this knot of hardness screwed in your pocket-handherchief.”
   “I love,” said Susan, “and I hate. I desire one thing only., My eyes are hard. Jinny’s eyes break into a thousand lights. Rhoda’s are like


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