easy approach to phrasal verbs


There are five phrasal verbs on page 13:

To hiss up:

Main verb meaning: to make a long “s” sound like  the sound that a snake makes.

Phrasal verb meaning: to make a long “s” sound like  the sound that a snake makes  in an upward direction.

Use: upwards

Text: “… and hot steam hisses up”


To stand up:

Main verb meaning: to be in an upright position

Phrasal verb meaning: to put your body into a upright position from  a sitting or lying position

Use: upwards

Text: “… we all stand up”


To spring up:

Main verb meaning: when a person or an animal springs, they move suddenly upwards or forwards

Phrasal verb meaning: to spring upwards 

Use: upwards                   

Text: “… we spring up and down”


To spring down:

Main verb meaning: when a person or an animal springs, they move suddenly upwards or forwards

Phrasal verb meaning: to spring downwards 

Use: downwords

Text: “… we spring up and down”


To pour down:

Main verb meaning: when a liquid pours some where, it flows there quickly  and in large quantities 

Phrasal verb meaning: to rain very hard

Use: downwards

Text ” … Water pours down the runnel of my spine”





and a crack of light kneels on the wall, making the chair legs look broken.”

“I saw Florrie in the kitchen garden,” said Susan, “as we came back from our walk, with the washing blown out round her, the pyjamas, the drawers, the nightgowns blown tight. And Ernest kissed her. He was in his baize apron, cleaning silver; and his mouth was sucked like a purse in wrinkles and he seized her with the pyjamas blown out hard between them. He was blind as a bull, and she swooned in anguish, only little veins streaking her white cheeks red. Now though they pass plates of bread and butter and cups of milk at teatime I see a crack in the earth and hot steam HISSES UP and the urn roars as Ernest roared, and I am blown out hard like the pyjamas, even while my teeth meet in the soft bread and butter, and I lap the sweet milk. I am not afraid of heat, nor of the frozen winter. Rhoda dreams, sucking a crust soaked in milk; Louis regards the wall opposite with snail-green eyes. Beernard moulds his bread into pellets and call them “people”. Neville with his clean and decisive ways has finished. He has rolled his napkin and slipped it through the silver ring. Jinniy spins her fingers on the tablecloth, as if they were dancing in the sunshine, pirouetting. But I am not afraid of the heat or of the frozen winter.”

   “Now, ” said Louis, ” we all rise; we all STAND UP. Miss Currry spreads wide the black book on the harmonium. It is difficult not to weep as we sing, as we pray that God may keep us safe while we sleep, calling ourselves little children. When we are sad and trembling with apprehension it is sweet to sing together, leaning slighty, I towards Susan, Susan towards Bernard, clasping hands, afraid of much, I of my accent, Rhoda of figures; yet resolute to conquer.”

 “We troop upstairs like ponies, “said Bernard, “stamping, clattering one behind another to take our turns in the bathroom. We buffet, we tussle, we SPRING UP and DOWN on the hard white beds. My turn has come. I come now.

 “Mrs Constable girt in a bath-towel, take her lemon-coloured sponge and soaks it in water; it turns chocolate-brown; it drips; and holding it high above me, shivering beneath her, she squeezes it. Water POURS DOWN the runnel of my spine. Bright arrows of sensation shoot on either side. I am covered with warm flesh. My dry crannies are wetted: my cold body is warmed; it is sluiced ans gleaming. Water descends and sheets me like an eel. Now hot towels envelop me, and their roughness, as I rub my back, makes my blood purr. Rich and heavy sensations form on the roof of my mind; down showers the day – the woods; and Elvedon; Susan and the pigeon.




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