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There is one phrasal verb on this page:

To creep up:

Main verb meaning: Creep. If someone  creeps somewhere, they move very quietly and slowly.

Phrasal verb meaning: to move out of a place very quietly and slowly.

Use: from inside to outside.

Text: ” We must creep out from…”


“This is here,” said Jinny, “this is now. But soon we shall go. Soon Miss Curry will blow her whistle. We shall part. You will go to school. You will have masters wearing crosses with white ties. I shall have a mistress in a school on the East Coast who sits under a portrait of Queen Alexandra. That is where I am going, and Susan  and Rhoda. This is only here: this is only now. Now we lie under the currant bushes and every time the breeze stirs  we are mottled all over. My hand is like a snake’s skin. My knees are pink floating islands. Your face is like an apple tree netted under-“

“The heat is going,” said Bernard, “from the Jungle. The leaves flap black wings over us. Miss Curry has blown her whistle on the terrace. We must CREEP OUT from the awning of the currant leaves and stand upright. There are twigs in your hair, Jinny. There is a green caterpillar on your neck. We must form, two by two. Miss Curry is taking us for a brisk walk, while Miss Hudson sits at her desk settling her accounts.

“It is dull,” said Jinny, “walking along the high road with no windows to look at, with no bleared eyes of blue glass let into the pavement.”

“We must form into pairs,” said Susan, “and walk in order, not shuffling our feet, not lagging, with Louis going first to lead us, because Louis is alert and not a woolgatherer.”

“Since I am supposed,” said Neville, “to be too delicate to go with them, since I get so easily tired and them am sick, I will use this hour of solitude, this reprieve from conversation, to coast round the purlieus of the house and recover,  if you can, by standing on the same stair halfway up the landing, what I felt when I heard about the dead man through the swing-door last night when cook  was SHOVING IN and OUT the damper. He was found with his throat cut. The apple-tree leaves became fixed in the sky; the moon glared; I was unable to lift my foot up the stair. He was found in the gutter. His blood gurgled down the gutter. His jowl was was white as a dead codfish.. I shall call this stricture, this rigidity, “death among the apple trees” for ever. There were the floating, pale-grey clouds; and the immitigable tree; the implacable tree with itsd greaved silver bark. The ripple of my life was unavailing. I was unable to PASS BY. There was an obstacle. “I cannot surmount this unintelligible obstacle,” I said. And the others passed on . But we are doomed, all of us, by the apple trees, by the immitigable tree which we cannot pass.          “Now the stricture, and rigidity are over; and I will continue to make my survey of the purlieus of the house in the late afternoon, in the sunset, when the sun makes oleaginous spots on the linoleum,

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