easy approach to phrasal verbs


There are five phrasals verbs in The Waves:  page 14:

To pour down:

Main verb meaning: if you pour a liquid, you make it flow steadily out of a container

Phrasal verb meaning: to rain very hard

Use: downwards

Text: ” Pouring down the walls of my mind…”


To fold up: 

Main verb meaning: if you fold a piece of paper or cloth, you bend it so that one part covers another part.

Phrasal verb meaning: to make something smaller by bending it over on itself more than once.

Use: doing something completely

Text: “As I fold up my frock…”


To put off:

Main verb meaning: when you put something in a particular place or position, you move it into that place or position.

Phrasal verb meaning: to make something to happen later

Use: stop or cancel something

Text: “so  I put off my hopeless desire…”


To sink down:

main verb meaning: if you sink somewhere, you move or fall into a lower position.

Phrasal verb meaning: to move or fall downwards, especially when you are tired.

Use: downwards

Text: “I sink down on the black plumes…”


To pull out:

Main verb meaning: if you pull yourself out of a place, you hold onto something and make an effort to move your body out of the place.

Phrasal verb meaning: withdraw, when someone pulls out from a place they leave the place where they are based.

Use: outwards

Text: “Let me pull myself out of…”


POURING DOWN the walls of my mind, running together, the day falls copious, resplendent. Now I tie my pyjamas loosely round me, and lie under this thin sheet afloat in the shallow light which is like a film of water drawn over my eyes by a wave. I hear through it far off, far away, faint and far, the chorus beginning; wheels; dogs; men shouting; church bells; the chorus beginning.”

“As I FOLD UP  my frock and my chemise,” said Rhoda, “so I PUT OFF my hopeless desire to be Susan, to be Jinny. But I will stretch my toes so that they touch the rail, of something hard. Now I cannot sink; cannot altogether fall through the thin sheet now. Now I spread my body on this frail mattress and hang suspended. I am above the earth now. I am no longer upright, to be knocked against and damaged. All is soft, and bending. Walls and cupboards whiten and bend their yellow squares on top of which a pale glass gleams. Out of me now my mind can pour. I can think of my armadas sailing on the high waves. I am relieved of hard contacts and collisions. I sail on alone under white cliffs. Oh, but I sink, I fall! That is the corner of the cupboard; that is the nursery looking-glass. But they stretch, they elongate. I SINK DOWN on the black plumes of sleep; its thick wings are pressed to my eyes. Travelling through darkness I see the stretched flowerbeds, and Mrs Constable runs from behind the corner of the pampas-grass to say my aunt has come to fetch me in a carriage. I mount; I escape; I rise on spring-heeled boots over the tree-tops. But I am now fallen into the carriage at the hall door, where she sits nodding yellow plumes with eyes hard like glazed marbles. Oh, to awake from dreaming! Look, there is the chest of drawers. Let me PULL MYSELF OUT of these waters. But they heap themselves on me; they sweep me between their great shoulders;; I am turned; I am tumbled; I am stretched, among these long lights, these long waves, these endless paths, with people pursuing, pursuing.

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