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Using English Language Phrasal Verbs in Italics coming from  an article by Tim

Bowen, we will enhance their understanding by stating their Use as a phrasal verb.

– take over:   USE: completion 
– play out:     USE: from interior to exterior. Metaphorical ( if an event is played in a particular way, it happens in that way
– bring back: USE: return to the point of origin.Metaphorical.
– put away:   USE: movement from a given place(score a goal)
– knock out:  USE: elimination/ Metaphorical
– let down:    USE: completion (destructive). Metaphorical
– turn in:       USE: from exterior to interior. Metaphorical
– live up to:   USE: completion. Idiomatic
– come round: USE: movement in a circular way.Metaphorical.

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Your English: Phrasal verbs: football

Type: Article

Tim Bowen won’t let us down with this selection of football-related phrasal verbs.

The World Cup has taken over (taken control of) the airwaves over the past few weeks, with hours of broadcasting time devoted to (allocated to) the drama being played out (happening) in Brazil.

In the semi-final of the last World Cup in Cape Town, Uruguay were pitted against (made to compete against) the footballing aristocrats of Holland, and one newspaper report wrote that the game reeked of(smelt strongly of) history, as the Dutch knocked out (eliminated) their South American opponents in an exciting match that brought back (evoked) memories of past encounters between European and South American sides.

Other games were no less dramatic. In the quarter-finals a powerful German team brushed aside (easily overcame) the challenge of Argentina, a side that many people were rooting for (supporting) as one of the favourites to lift the trophy.

The African favourites, Ghana, failed to put away (score) a penalty in the last minute of extra time in their quarter-final match against Uruguay and were eventually knocked out (made to leave the competition) in a penalty shoot-out.

Some of the more illustrious European sides let down (disappointed) their supporters in a big way. Both Italy and France turned in (produced) feeble performances against so-called lesser opposition, while England, as usual, completely failed to live up to expectations (be as good as people expected).

For those of you who are not engrossed in (very interested in) the football, you can take comfort in the knowledge that, once it’s finished, it will be four years before the World Cup comes round (happens) again.

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