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Selecting Secure Data Room Providers

A virtual dataroom (VDR) allows parties to securely share sensitive documents electronically without having to travel to a distant location. VDRs have replaced traditional physical data rooms as well as other document management systems by removing the need to print or scanning documents. As a result, people are able to review documents quickly and efficiently from anywhere around the globe.

When choosing a secure dataroom provider Choose one that has security features and granular permissions for documents and folders. These granular access controls minimize human error and stop unauthorized manipulation of sensitive information. Choose a provider that offers advanced branding, for example a custom login page, backgrounds, emails, and white-labeled links to make your dataroom familiar and easier to use.

Be sure the company you choose or surpasses industry standards for information security and privacy by looking at their certifications. The most secure data rooms are HIPAA certified to ensure the safe handling of protected medical data and GDPR certified to meet European Union laws on personal data protection and transfer. Many of the secure data room providers are also PCI-DSS compliant to safeguard the information of payment cards from hackers.

The majority of data breaches are caused by user error and a lack of security. If you select a data room that is secure, you will lower the risk of cyber attacks and demonstrate to clients as well as your partners and other stakeholders that your privacy is paramount. Find a secure data room provider that offers complex passwords and requirements for change including inactivity timeouts, dual factor authentication, IP restrictions, and the ability to grant granular access to documents.

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