14 de març de 2010
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Ed Perley

Personal facts

He lives in the state of
Nebraska in the USA in a small town of about 1000 inhabitants. It is very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. He lives with his wife. They enjoy their life in this town although the drive to work is quite long.


He worked 13 years in an analytical chemical lab. At the moment he is working in an engraving shop. In the summer he has a second job as a staff member of a park near his home.


There are no scientists in his family but his father was very interested in science and got a degree in engineering.


Apart from working on the project of the periodic table, he has also written essays, short stories and one novel. He has worked on computer programming and astronomy among others.


Periodic table


Perley compares his periodic table with a calendar. The calendar is divided into seven groups, one for each day of the week. Each horizontal row corresponds to what is called a period in the periodic table. A circular periodic table easily shows the relationship between electronic structure of elements and their position in the table. The colours are used to easily distinguish between the different electron orbitals.


Perley says: “I think I have always had a desire to do things differently from what other people do. I think one of my main reasons for making a circular periodic table was just because I thought it would be fun to create something new. Since then, I have learned that I was not the first. A number of other people have also made their own circular periodic tables. But all of them are slightly different from mine, because each person had a slightly different goal to work for.”

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