Erdogan calls for snap elections in a race to seize absolute control over a Turkey in crisis

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The calling of early elections in Turkey has very much to do with the economy. In particular, with the increasing problems of the Turkish economy which is incapable of stopping the devaluation of its currency and the increase in inflation, which rose to 11% in April.

The general and presidential elections were initially scheduled for 3 November 2019, but they will now be held on 24 June 2018. Both elections will be held the same day for the first time in history.

In principle, everything indicates that this is not the best moment for the current president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. As a matter of fact, the last general elections confirmed a downward trend for his Justice and Development Party (AKP), while the most recent reform of the constitution promoted by himself was approved by an adjusted 51.41%.

Despite everything, from this shore of the Mediterranean we see an even stronger Erdogan because of his authoritarianism and the fact that he represses any movement that could overshadow his power. But nothing is eternal. His current broad popular support that allows him to exercise a high degree of repression with the certitude that it won’t provoke a popular uprising, will not last forever. Especially when the threat of a severe economic crisis is looming over the country…

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