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English Stories (II): Some Type of Attack

Publicat el 2 de juny de 2013 per aniol


The film was about to start when, all of a sudden, a terrible scream of help sounded inside the cinema. All the people started to move looking towards the person who had screamed. In fact, there was a girl shouting ‘help, help, please, help me’ and we could see just near her a woman suffering some type of attack. The woman had white eyes, was trembling and all her body was shaking. The girl continued shouting: ‘Please, please, call an ambulance, please, please, call a doctor, please please help my mother’.

It was horrifying to hear her. My friend jumped quickly from his seat and ran towards the cinema’s entry. But suddenly he didn’t go out by the principal door. He opened a lateral door and disappeared. I remember that my friend had worked in this cinema and he knew a shorter way to the reception office. Meanwhile there were other spectators who helped the woman, they took her and made her lie on the floor. The woman had just lost consciousness. Also the lights of the cinema were turned on and just at that moment a man and my friend arrived. He was the responsible person of the cinema. He announced he had just called for an ambulance and at that moment another man arrived too, who said he was a doctor, and helped the woman. All the rest of people were scared, shocked, and all people were talking about it. Indeed someone was crying.

A long time passed until the ambulance arrived but, fortunately, the woman had just recovered consciousness and was sitting on a cinema chair. The doctors took the woman away to hospital and my friend and I went to take a drink: we had lost interest in seeing any film.

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