Edgar Allan poe’s 200 aniversary of birth

Poe is one of America’s most original, disturbing and powerful writers. His main concern as a self-conscious artist was cultivating beautty, not teaching moralitat. He didn’t rely on local history and customs, but preferred to deal with eccentric and sometimes even extravagant subject  matter. He followed the idea of art for art’s sake and highly influenced writers such as Baudelaire and the French symbolist. His conception of the writer as artist implies the consideration of art as an end in  itself, not as a  means to convey any kind of political  or moral message. He has been credited with the invention  of the modern detective story and the inventor of the science fiction tale. His literary work was undoubtedly rooted  in  his suffering, for he wrote about what he felt intensely. It seems almost impossible to study Poe’s literary work while leaving aside his life.
He work for several magazines but always had difficulty in holding a steady job. His virulent reviewing mad him popularly known ad the tomahawk man. He created lots of enemies and alienated friends, but increased sales.
The writer himself ascribed his intermittent drinking to insanity caused by the horrible never-ending oscillation between hope and despair.
In 1944  he moved to New York and joined the staff of the Evening Mirror, which published his most famous poem The Raven. He devoted to writing and is the author of the best gothic narrative of the century, which were no longer based in the Middle ages, but stories to inspire terror with macabre plots full of horror, violence, mustery and suspense.
Today the Blog Hesperia has encouraged us to write about one of the best American writers, as it is the 200 birth aniversary.

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