pm | dimarts, 16 de novembre de 2004 | 17:51h
A Patagonian man at the centre of a row over his visa has chosen to return home from Wales despite being told he could stay another week. Luis Austin, who speaks only Welsh and Spanish, had been told to leave the UK at short notice for failing to say he was staying with his girlfriend. At the last minute the authorities relented, but Mr Austin decided to go. His girlfriend's MP said Mr Austin had made a naive mistake but was angry at the way a visitor was treated. Mr Austin was originally told he could stay in the UK until next month, but was ordered to leave when he failed to tell the Immigration Service the extent of his relationship with his girlfriend, Heddus Gwynedd.

(Read More: BBC Wales)

pm | dimarts, 16 de novembre de 2004 | 17:48h
Most of the political parties in the Basque Country, except the Government of Navarre and the PP, acknowledged yesterday that the Basque nationalist left had taken a new step forward through the proposal presented by Batasuna on Sunday. On the whole, despite slight differences one way or the other, most of the political parties plus the trade union ELA said yesterday that the Basque nationalist left had taken the necessary step. Most of them added, however, that Batasuna would need to ask ETA to declare a ceasefire or to condemn the armed organisation's actions in order to show that its declarations were "genuine". Despite acknowledging that there was something new, they did stress, however, that the proposal was still short.

(Read more:Berria)

pm | dimarts, 16 de novembre de 2004 | 17:46h
Institut d'Estudis Catalans (IEC), in its endeavours to apply new technologies to its scientific pursues, introduces today, November 16, a new web supplying every scientific magazine published in the Catalan area. According to IEC, the greatest publisher of scientific books in Catalan, the institution is making a 'titanic effort' to keep Catalan as a living scientific language. The introduction will be led by the president of the institution, Josep Laporte, and its secretary, Salvador Alegret. The web, is organized in several sections, such as history and archaeology, biology, science and technology, philology, philosophy and social science. Moreover, the web provides an engine that makes searching of papers fast and easy.

(Read more: VilaWeb)

pm | dilluns, 15 de novembre de 2004 | 18:21h
La police a interpellé lundi treize personnes dans la banlieue de Bastia, estimant avoir arrêté parmi elles les principaux responsables présumés du groupuscule armé Clandestini Corsi, qui avait revendiqué sept attentats anti-Maghrébins en Corse. "Pour au moins la moitié, nous pensons tenir les principaux protagonistes du groupuscule, sa capacité d'agir a été bien atteinte", a déclaré à l'AFP une source proche de l'enquête en Corse. Ils sont tous âgés de 18 à 20 ans, sauf un qui a 25 ans, selon cette source. "Certains ont déjà été très loquaces et nous pensons tenir ceux qui ont participé à la conférence de presse clandestine" du 8 novembre, la première organisée par ce groupuscule clandestin apparu en mars, a confirmé une source parisienne également proche du dossier. Ce "noyau dur" devait quitter Bastia en fin d'après-midi par vol spécial pour poursuivre sa garde à vue à la division nationale antiterroriste (DNAT) à Paris, selon ces sources concordantes. Les enquêteurs avaient "logé" leurs "cibles" depuis plusieurs semaines et des armes de poing, ainsi que des "effets vestimentaires très similaires à ceux utilisés lors de la conférence de presse clandestine" ont été trouvés lors de perquisitions, selon une de ces sources. "réservoir"

(Read more:France3)

pm | dilluns, 15 de novembre de 2004 | 18:13h
On the eleventh of November the Landtag (Parliament) of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany's northernmost state, passed its first law ever on the promotion of the Northfrisian language. No one voted against the law, although seven members of the liberal FDP abstained. President Thede Boysen of the Nordfriisk Instituut followed the debates in the Landtag. ''All parties spoke with good arguments on behalf of the safeguarding of the Frisian language and culture. For us Frisians this broad consensus is an important step ahead.'' The new law gives the 10,000 Frisian speakers in the Kreis (province) of Nordfriesland, and on the island of Helgoland, the right to speak and write in Frisian to the local authorities. The municipalities get the right to use the North Frisian flag with its gold-red-blue colours alongside the flag of Schleswig-Holstein. Place-names and signage will become bilingual as well. This is, first of all, important for Northfrisians on a personal level, according to Boysen. ''I am really happy for Frisian couples, who now finally have the right to marry in their own language. And they can also get the birth certificates of their children in Northfrisian.''

(Read more: Eurolang)

pm | dilluns, 15 de novembre de 2004 | 18:10h
All the people detained over the past few weeks have reported that they endured bad treatment in the hands of Spanish Civil Guard and Spanish Police Twelve people arrested, over twenty house searches, shouting and banging in the early hours of the morning, parents in tears, girlfriends or boyfriends devastated, a show of force in streets and homes. That could be a way of summarising the first chapter in the three-week long operation (October 25 to November 11) conducted by the Spanish Civil Guard and the Spanish Police in Bilbo. And it does not seem to be over yet. The media wasted no time reporting the crimes the detainees had been accused of. In one way or another police sources and the Spanish Interior Minister, Jose Antonio Alonso, had accused them of providing ETA with assistance. "The detainees have provided a safe haven for ETA members, or have prepared the infrastructure to enable them to escape, or have gathered intelligence for attacks to be carried out or have participated in the street struggle," explained the minister. The outcome came after an average of about five days being held incommunicado. Eight of the twelve detainees were released and the latest one, Aitziber Sagarminaga, is still being held incommunicado. Nagore Etxebarria was arrested by the Spanish Police, released the next day and was not taken before the judge. The Spanish National Criminal Court released Garikoitz Urizar, Gorka Ribadulla, Gaizka Larrinaga, Asier Arriola and Inmaculada Basabe after they had been held incommunicado for five days. The fate of Oskar Perez and Sergio Regeiro was even stranger: the judge ordered them to be remanded in custody but five days later Perez was out, and Regeiro the following day. That was the second chapter in the police operation.

(Read more: Berria

pm | dijous, 11 de novembre de 2004 | 11:42h
As the debate continues in the Netherlands about freedom of speech and the right to express views which are not "politically correct", next-door neighbour Belgium has been experiencing a similar situation with far-right Flemish nationalist party the Vlaams Blok (Flemish Bloc) having just lost its challenge to a judicial ruling which said the party was guilty of inciting racism. The Vlaams Blok - currently the biggest party in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium, but still kept out of power by the refusal of the region's `traditional' parties to share power with the right-wing group - lost its appeal on Tuesday when the country's highest appeal court, the Court of Cassation, rejected all 21 grounds put forward by the party and upheld the lower court's original decision. The party leadership responded defiantly, announcing that the Vlaams Blok will continue in a new guise. In this interview with Radio Netherlands, Belgian journalist Lucas de Vos talks about the future of the Vlaams Blok and explains how this apparently major setback could work in its favour with the Flemish electorate

(Read more:Radio Netherlands)

pm | dijous, 11 de novembre de 2004 | 11:23h
Tommy Sheridan has resigned as leader of the Scottish Socialist Party with immediate effect. A source within the party confirmed that the Glasgow MSP had quit for personal rather than political reasons. Mr Sheridan tendered his resignation to the party's ruling body, the national executive, and it was accepted. BBC Scotland political correspondent Glenn Campbell said Mr Sheridan, whose wife is expecting a baby, was keen to shed the SSP's image as a one-man band. Nominations are now open for the position of leading the party, which has six seats in the Scottish Parliament.

(Read more: BBC Scotland)

pm | dijous, 11 de novembre de 2004 | 11:20h
"If politicians fail to give Basque the priority it needs in their language use, how are they to support the language rights of us citizens? What kind of legitimacy do their commitments have?" After analysing the speeches given by politicians in the institutions, the Euskal Herrian Euskaraz-EHE association was keen to get people to think about this yesterday, at the entrance to Donostia (San Sebastian) city hall.

(Read more: Berria)

pm | dimecres, 10 de novembre de 2004 | 11:44h
Nearly 200 students have demonstrated at Aberystwyth in protest at the number of courses available in Welsh. They campaigned inside the Old College as university leaders gathered for a meeting, and destroyed dozens of copies of the university prospectus. The dissent came as Education Minister Jane Davidson announced £3m for Welsh medium provision in higher education. Students said that was not enough, but the Welsh Assembly Government said it was a "substantial initial response."

(Read more: BBC Wales)

pm | dimecres, 10 de novembre de 2004 | 11:41h
The Belgian Supreme Court has ruled that the far-right Vlaams Blok party is "racist". The court ruled on Tuesday that the Blok, a Flemish nationalist party, should not be given TV airtime or state funding. It is said to be the most popular party in many parts of the northern Belgian region of Flanders. The ruling is likely to mean the death of the party. However, Belgian radio on Tuesday reported that party leader Frank Vanhecke was ready to reconstitute the party under a different name.

(Read more: EU Observer)

pm | dimarts, 9 de novembre de 2004 | 19:22h
Le groupe armé Clandestini Corsi, qui avait revendiqué sept attentats anti-Magrébins en Corse, a tenu dimanche soir entre 22H00 et 00H00 sa première conférence de presse clandestine au cours de laquelle il s'est déclaré "ni nationaliste, ni raciste" et a réaffirmé la trêve annoncée en septembre, a rapporté un correspondant de l'AFP qui y a assisté. Cette conférence de presse, tenue dans une bâtisse abandonnée du maquis de Haute-Corse, était orchestrée par 4 à 5 hommes cagoulés et en treillis de camouflage, exhibant des armes de poing et des fusils. Un des hommes a lu un texte affirmant que le groupe n'était "ni nationaliste, ni raciste" et que leur objectif était de "ralentir le trafic de drogue" sur l'île. La trêve des actions, annoncée le 8 septembre dernier, a été "réaffirmée".

(Read more: Corsica)

pm | dimarts, 9 de novembre de 2004 | 19:19h
THE hymn Jerusalem has been left out of the final version of the new Church of Scotland hymn book because of its associations with English nationalism - despite an outcry against the move. But, for the first time, Amazing Grace, What a Friend We Have in Jesus and Lord of the Dance will be included in the first new hymnary for more than 30 years. There was a furious row in the summer when it was revealed that Jerusalem was set to be cut, but while the size of the book has been increased from 750 to more than 850 hymns, the words for Jerusalem - which includes a line about "England's green and pleasant land" - have still been omitted. However, it has been decided to retain the tune for use with psalms 149 and 150. There has been also controversy over the more Scottish style of the book and the decision to address modern-day concerns about sexist language in some verses. Other new hymns deal with child abuse, violence against women and environmental issues.

(Read more: The Scotsman)

pm | dimarts, 9 de novembre de 2004 | 19:17h
Education Minister Jane Davidson visited Catalonia yesterday to discuss educational collaboration. Following meetings with catalan ministers Ms Davidson said, "Links have developed between educational establishments in Catalonia and Wales through existing exchange programmes, in addition to European-funded school development projects." She said she saw the benefits vocational training brought in the region and wanted to expand such opportunities in Wales.

(Read more: ic Wales)

pm | dimarts, 9 de novembre de 2004 | 19:14h
A series of events organised by the Spanish Federation of Town Councils (FEMP) to mark the 25th anniversary of democratic Town Councils began in Gasteiz (Vitoria) yesterday. The opening ceremony, moreover, was no ordinary affair: the conference was inaugurated by the King and Queen of Spain. They were joined by many people in authority in Spain and in the BAC-Basque Autonomous Community, led by Lehendakari (President) Juan Jose Ibarretxe. Yesterday's inauguration created tremendous media expectation and great attention was undoubtedly paid to the words spoken King Juan Carlos of Bourbon and Juan Jose Ibarretxe. After visiting the exhibition in the Plaza Berria (Plaza Nueva), all the authorities headed for the Montehermoso Palace. The people invited to the inauguration greeted the Spanish King and Queen with a warm round of applause. The Bourbons were followed by Juan Jose Ibarretxe, Lehendakari, Javier Rojo, the Speaker of the Senate (Upper Chamber of the Spanish Parliament), Paulino Luesma, the Spanish Government's Representative in the BAC, and Juan Mari Atutxa, the Speaker of the BAC Parliament. Francisco Vazquez, Chairman of the Federation of Spanish Town Councils, ended his short speech shouting "Long live the King, Long live Spain", which was followed by a round of applause. It was Ibarretxe's turn to speak next. He welcomed the Spanish King and Queen and all those assembled in Basque.

(Read more: Berria)

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